Raymond Bradford

Hello. I’m Professor B.C.*G.Y. (born criminals are God’s people too). I am the host of my very own Radio Show called The W.B.C.Y.P. Radio Show on 92 FM in prison. I am a professional song writer [ghost writer] lyricist, producer, composer, and the sole legal owner of all my publishing copyrights and material. I am a musician, I play several instruments … need I say more? Of course, I’ve written over 6,347 songs and poems over a span of 33 years of incarceration, including handwritten jokes. I have mastered nearly every genre of music, i.e. Pop, Soul, R&B, Country, Disco, Classical Jazz, Reggaetón, G-Funk, Gangster Rapy, Hip Hop, Rock & Roll, New Wave, Soft Rock, poetry and Gospel. I am already successfully established as and extraordinary highly gifted songwriter with many offers of gainful employment upon my release from custody. I wrote a book / newsletter / script. I’m also a vocalist. I have Master’s Degrees in Prison Law, Criminology Legal Beagle (I’m a jail house lawyer), and Phraseology.

Now, if that is not an impressive or clear sign of rehabilitation while incarcerated … you tell me what is? The key to long-term success, in a nutshell, is always use your time wisely. My main prison fans are my foes ( imagine that ) because they all undoubtedly support my radio show by having to listen to me sing my songs over the tier almost daily, rehearsals, etc. For me it is a brain exercise to do so. The prison guards, other inmates, nurses, supervisors – all tune in. To me that’s amazing.

Now that I have outgrown this platform and crave a new fanbase all over the world, I encourage and welcome all of you to tune in by writing, emailing, or leaving a phone number to show your support for The W.B.C.Y.P. Radio Show on 92 FM coming to you live via airwaves behind the cell door. If you have any questions, opinions, or comments and/or just need some positive words of wisdom or encouragement, you can contact me for I am an asset to your world not a liability.

I hope you like the photo I have posted.
God Bless,
Raymond Alford Bradford

Personal Information

Sex: Male
Race: Black
D.O.B.: 11/7/1970
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Convicted of: 1st Degree Burglary, Possession of Weapon, etc.
Lenght of sentence: 39 years, or early appeal
Incarceration date: 1991
Current release date: 2030

Please write to:
Raymond Bradford H16258
CSP-SAC / A-2-105
PO BOX 290066

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