Barry Patrick Emmett

Hi, my name is PJ. Hopefully it will be nice to meet you (smile). I am actually a Junior, so I was named after my father (what a nerd, right? just kidding). Actually, I have a wonderful relationship with two beautiful parents. In fact, something my father said when I was a child has always stuck with me, he said I’d be lucky to have 5 good friends when I died, and because of that, when I meet someone I always think if that person will be one of them. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and have lived there most of my life, along with most all the rest of my family. It was really cool being raised in a big city and I really couldn’t imagine it otherwise. I have been to some college in the world and have been back to some inside these walls. My biggest passions have become the law, fitness, and history.

What am I seeking? Just someone to talk to, who will accept someone at face value, and not be judgmental. Someone to share joy, laughter, sorrow, and pain with, and all the in between stuff too. When it comes to being a friend to someone, I’m as tolerant as they come and accepting as well. John 15:13 states, “no greater love is there than this; that he lay down his life for his friend”. A true friend is a loving, special, and very real ands true friend. Like someone recently told me, reminded me really, we cannot divorce our friends and family neither.

I’d say my virtues are tenacity and perseverance. At 41 years old, my desire to learn and educate myself is stronger than it ever has been in my life. Today I am somebody because I believe in myself and it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world.

I challenge you to open your heart, mind, and soul to someone you’ve never met before. To step outside yourself and extend the hand of friendship to someone new. Take care, God bless, and remember this… “As long as you believe in yourself, you can accomplish almost anything in this world”.
Since incarceration I have been in business, law, and medical science colleges correspondence. I have just completed Doctorate in Natural Health Science, and am now working towards PHD in Health Science. Read my health reports, they might change your life:


Doctorate Papers On Halides


All snail and e mails for last three months have been disposed of by McConnel mailroom so if you have tried to contact me I have not received it. Water contains major amounts of arsenic and in my addressing this the disposal of mail is retaliatory. Unless you use USPS certified mail with tracking number I will not be receiving your letter. Need legal advocation on both elements!

IMPORTANT ADVISORY: I am currently unable to execute emails as my personal and all other routes are being electronically interfered with; henceforth is you desire a response to your message you will need to please list a PO Box or physical address for me to be able to reply.

Update 2022, I am writing this as of 4-14-22.
I am seeking the love of my life hands down who is willing to do whatever it takes for me to live and survive, and keep em happy and entertained as well. Beauty and financial security will be a plus. There is a way to get out of prison that is final and is not chance that I need assistance with to complete process on. With all my education and a hundred g’s I believe wasted the finality of process to release is not that much longer as I have been working on such since 2013, and been through 6 confiscated typewriters since 2013. There is no chance to ending sentence in that when process is complete, I am out with no parole, and court offered only 20 years to begin with. So my sentence would have been up soon anyways.

I am seeking only the love of my life that will do whatever it takes to survive and help me get out of prison and will listen to me when I state that most snail mail is disposed of and you will need to write me using certified mail or I will not receive your letter. Use green ticket and mark out where the box states agent or you grant implied power of attorney where none exists in what is called ‘invisible-contracts’. Your lack of looking at small print allows them to sign as if me, unless you mark out the invisible contract box. I will also accept male and female friends with time to assist me, friends wise in avocation, or those in endocrinology field that I can speak with as well. Example, the unit refuses to sell typewriter ribbons and no one seems to care, they are not out, just blocking 1st amendment speech.

I can be out of prison next year if someone will help. People have spent over $100,000 in school but little do believe to get me out of prison when the outcome is guaranteed. Total, the release process is about $15,000 and I have moist complete; the individual helping me with the process passed away in 2019. I have four post doctorates and few people will believe what I am saying, but the place is sovereign It takes me granting power of attorney to someone outside. Plus, TDCJ switched to using sodium alumino silicate in 2019 which causes permanent brain damage, Alzheimer and dementia; and no one else seems to care on this as well. The system stays up in the proverbial clouds so much, that all they care about is … ‘cloud-nine’.

Me, I seek love which will be the only way I will live, and the only way I will leave this place alive. I write books on endocrinology, and will have been left for dead by my own family. They are biased by a computer believing a computer over their own blood. ‘Love’ will be the only thing that will allow me to live and survive, nothing else. See 6:21-01, where it proves poison by arsenic.
P.S. 2nd Doctorate studies completed in 2021. PHD Degree. Dr. Barry Emmett PHD Health Science.

Only true love, purity, and benevolence will I see outside of prison. Will anybody love me? Please help!

Personal Information

Sex: Male
Race: White
D.O.B.: 12/27/1976
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Convicted of: Assault 1; Poss. of machine gun; Evade arrest; Poss. Meth
Lenght of sentence: 40 years
Incarceration date: 2005
Current release date: 2045; First parole 2025

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