Tyrone Brewer
Invitation to a Concert

As the curtain rise and the music begins to play, all the superficial hang-ups that plague people daily cease to exist, and all you have are people from different walks of life whose paths may never cross outside of this concert, together in unison enjoying each other’s company, in the name of music. No one wasting their energy being judgmental or rude; everyone just singing off key and making up their own lyrics without a care in the world.

I like meeting new people to attend this concert. Sometimes in life we get so caught up in the day to day aspect, we rarely take time to meet new people and enjoy new experiences. Not necessarily because we don’t want to, it’s just that remaining in one’s comfort zone is less energy consuming and safe.

In my hand I have two tickets to a concert. I would be honored if you would enjoy the music with me. Platforms like this one gives people, like myself, an opportunity to reach out to the free world and hopefully establish new connections or, in the least, let people know I exist.

I consider myself a goal-driven person. As you probably can tell, I love music. I feel no other form of expression speaks to the soul more than words set to melodies. I also like sports and children.

Almost 30 minutes before showtime, my invitation to join me at this concert stands, and hopefully you’ll find time to attend.

Personal Information

Sex: Male
Race: African American
D.O.B.: 2/1/1983
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Convicted of: 1st Degree Murder
Lenght of sentence: 80 years.
Incarceration date: 6/29/2001
Current release date: 6/29/2081

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PO BOX 112
JOLIET, IL 60434

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