Douglas Bryant

Text me at (843) 439-5890 – this is a text service I use, NOT AN ACTUAL PHONE.

Never judge a book by its cover
I’m sure you heard that before
And what would life be like for us
If we were all too scared to explore.

Hey! How are you in this glorious day? I pray there’s a melody in your heart and a song on your lips as you read my words.

Unlike most men I’m not on here merely for entertainment, not just to pass the time. I have hopes of acquiring a genuine, meaningful, healthy, and platonic friendship (bond) which could have the potential transpiring into something more serious. Allow yourself to open a new chapter in your life.

I desire to know you like no one else has known you before. My aspiration is to be your friend, like a male friend but closer than the girlfriend you trust (but not in the feminine sense), that you can learn and grow to trust, and share your heart’s bright spots and the dark spots, the angers and the passion. I know men (people) in general can be real smooth and full of it, but it’s not my heart’s intent to be that way.

Allow me to share my qualities and characteristics that help make me the ‘MAN’ I am and steadily being groomed into being. I’m extremely good natured, adventurous, understanding, well-read, open-minded, straightforward, caring, and much more than just a free spirit. Sometimes I’m downright dangerous with my open mind and heart. I have an uncanny ability to use my heart to guide me toward expected happiness, Sometimes I’m successful and sometimes I learn painful lessons. I’m beyond dependable to those worthy of my love and trust. I’m a giver at heart and I love to see people smile from the inside out.

I don’t believe in superficial relationships on any level, friends or otherwise. If it can’t be real then it might as well not be at all. Who has the time to go through the motion just for the heck of it? I prohibit myself from telling lies and making overdramatic promises I can never fulfill. I only say that in which I can make a reality. And because of where I am you know it’s not based on a physical thing – me trying to get in your pants. 🤪 I know you’re probably saying to yourself “jail can make a man say some stuff” but to me I feel this in my heart so I’m bringing it to you raw like this. It’s my attempt to show you how serious my intentions are. No promises no guarantees, just hope and fantasies.

It’s all on you now … Drop your inhibitions and reach out for me. I’m waiting. Text me at (843) 439-5890

Personal Information

Sex: Male
Race: African American
D.O.B.: 1/31/1973
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Bald
Convicted of: Poss. w/Intend to Distribute Powder Cocaine
Lenght of sentence: 20 years
Incarceration date: 2010
Current release date: 2026

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PO BOX 7000

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