Terry Moser

Please forgive me if after reading this I’ve failed to capture your attention or give you a reason to take this chance. It’s not that I don’t have what it takes to make you feel these words; if you let me tell it, what I have to say could take your breath away on any level.

If you only need one reason I can give you a few, except I’m not interested in those who are easily impressed with words or looks, nor at this time will I attempt to. Cause that’s not who I am today and in my past physical attraction or words alone was never enough to develop something worth holding on to.

For all the right reasons, I want to be a true friend as much as I’d like to receive one. I believe friendship has the power to set you free from whatever in life that confines us.

I’ve seen both the ugliness and the beauty life has to offer, from the stinky shoes of an inmate to walking barefoot on exotic white sand beaches, with crystal blue water so beautiful that only seen on TV doesn’t give it justice.

We all have a story to tell. If you’d like to hear mine I’d like to know yours, since all I seek is a friend. All I ask for is honesty and the chance to know the real you.
I thank you for your time.

Always, Terry Jr.

Personal Information

Sex: Male
Race: White
D.O.B.: 3/20/1980
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Convicted of: 1. Attempt to elude 2. Robbery
Lenght of sentence: 2 years +
Incarceration date: 9/25/2015
Current release date: 9/25/2016 for the first count, then back to trial for Robbery.

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W.S.P. / IMU SH14
1313 N 13TH AVENUE

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