Joshua Bagwell

I’m not looking for money or romance or anything like that. I’m just hoping to find someone interesting to write, or maybe even make a new friend. It doesn’t matter how different we might be, I’m open to writing anyone. I just want to have fun joking with someone, get a different perspective, or maybe […]

Ruben Becerrada

Hello, my name is Ruben Becerrada. I’m a 55 years old former professional boxer of mixed Afro-Cuban and Mexican descent. If you want you can check a few of my fights on I love all sports. I’m willing to write to anyone of any age. I’m a real quiet, mellow, laid back person. Well, […]

Courtney Henderson

First and foremost I’d like to give all praises and glory to God Almighty. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t thank you personally for taking the time to read my profile, so know you’re appreciated. A little about myself; I’m from Corpus Christi, Texas, I have one son and he’s one of the main […]

Thomas Weatherwax

Hold up World! No need to keep searching. The one you are looking for is right here. You will not be disappointed. I‘m going to keep this short and sweet just for you, so if you want to learn more you will have to hit me up. I’m a grown man with a growth mindset. […]

August Salvaty

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to check me out. First of all, I think that any woman who would take a chance to get to know a man who is incarcerated is wonderful just for that alone! Outside of getting myself into this prison mess, I see the positive in life and I’m […]

Michael M. Wilson

First off, how are you today? My name is Mike. I’m from Houston, Texas. I’m looking for a loyal friend and see how things play out. No games! We can communicate through email, phone, etc., whatever’s best for you. I’m a Black male with a light skin complex, loving, loyal, like to enjoy life and […]

David Carl Smith

I hope that you are doing great. Thank you for taking the time to stop and read my profile. I will try to make your reading as painless as possible. I’ve decided to try my luck with making new friends by writing Pen-Pals. I am seeking something genuine and long-term. Friendships and or otherwise. I […]

Joseph Porter

As I observe television, radio, or read media publications in a place where hate already comfortably resides, I cannot help but wonder if this place is actually heaven compared to the outside world. Being incarcerated for some time now and observing from the inside as chaos monopolizes the media, I cannot help but wonder what […]

Steven Watson

Hey There! Thanks for checking out my profile! I hope that you like what you see and read, and choose to reply. I am 38 but look a whole lot younger! Sometimes having a young look is a curse in prison, but I deal with it. I am very laid-back, easy-going, and understanding. Prison, though, […]

Eddie Smith

Hi, I’m Edie, a 38 years old from Passaic County, New Jersey. I’m incarcerated at Mid-State Prison. I am looking for a pen pal, someone I can grow and build a future with. It doesn’t matter where you’re from worldwide; nationality and looks are not important, but a nice personality is. I’m funny, like to […]