Covid-19 Under Control at San Quentin

When other prisons across the country saw a spike in Covid-19 cases San Quentin brought the number down to zero.  By September 15, 2020  Covid-19 was under control at San Quentin. Prison transfers spread Covid-19 at San Quentin. In an effort to thin out the prisons population infected with the novel Covid-19 Coronavirus, CDCR started […]

Recidivism Encouraged

Bad behavior of inmates with fixed term sentences opens door to recidivism. Did you know that before 1977 ALL California prisoners were sentenced to a term of ‘imprisonment-to-life’ (like 1-to-life or any-number-of-years-to-life)? Most people don’t, but that’s how it used to be. The Parole Board required inmates to ‘earn’ their release date, and only after […]

California Prisoners Affected By Drought

Recent California drought force officials to impose prisoner restrictions on water usage for showers and washing. In light of California’s worst drought ever, The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), has implemented the most severe water restrictions, affecting state prisoners ability to shower. A statewide CDCR memorandum issued to all 33 prisons mandates that prisoners […]

Healthcare in California Prisons

Higher level of healthcare for California inmates? From three weeks to 24 hours to see a doctor, and from months of waiting to just days to see a specialist, California prisons healthcare improved dramatically. I entered the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) in 1995 during a time when the state’s prison population was […]

State Betrays Public Safety

The “Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act” introduced in CA congress in 2014 dresses down public safety. It’s been a short while since I’ve written any articles, but I’m back on track with some interesting developments on the California “lifer” litigation. If you think any of this information does not pertain to you, you may be […]

Bypass Law with State Regulations

Bypass the law with that trusty old CA Code of Regulations – The Title 15. Dear Readers, I understand it’s difficult to sympathize with the people in here that the State has maligned with labels corresponding to their crimes. But you would be appalled if you could only peek into the level of corruption and […]