Butler Case Update

In re Butler Case – The Butler case arguably improved the parole grant rates. I’m writing this article today to update you on Butler case, and several other topics. In July, the Court discovered that the Board was not setting base terms for Youth offenders (under SBs 260 and 261) or Elderly Offenders under the 3-Judge […]

Lifer Twelve Step Insight

A look into the twelve steps required for a lifer to have a successful parole hearing. Dear Readers. My heart was moved to share a composition of valuable lessons I’ve learned about the connection between insight and the lifer Twelve Steps commonly found in groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. These are my own deductions, unaffiliated […]

Lifers Insight Preparedness

Consideration for parole hearing makes lifers insight into their crime a mandatory stepping stone to pass. Greetings, I would like all of the lifer families and my fellow lifers to share in some very important information pertaining to the lifer parole process. There are some developments in the law of late, but I’ve neglected to […]

Lifers Parole Denial Continues

Lifers struggle for clear path to parole, but our problem is your problem too. On January 5, 2015, the Second District Appellate Court accepted a petition for writ of mandamus for filing, and it was titled “Romero versus the State of California.” Upon success, the Court would issue a writ of mandamus, which is basically […]

Riley Case Depublished

Charles Riley case depublished by the California Supreme Court Dear friends, I return with this new edition to update you with some important developments. To begin, the In re Charles Riley case that contained that beautiful biography of this crooked “lifer” policy they have us chained to, that is essentially a “Life Without Parole” sentence, […]

Blockbuster Opinion – California Appellate Court

California Appellate Court issues a blockbuster opinion in the case of Charles Riley. On May 22, 2014, the California Appellate Court issued a blockbuster opinion. The case involves Charles Riley, an inmate who has served 38 years for first-degree murder. In June of 1975, when Riley was 19, his girlfriend talked him into murdering her […]

Butler Paroles – The Problem Lingers

California Supreme Court Depublished Roy Butler’s Parole Remand Opinion Dear readers, let me begin with a bit of good news; after 28 years of incarceration Roy Thinnes Butler has officially gone home. Butler Paroles! On June 27, 2014, Roy was officially entered into CDCR computers as “Address: Paroled.” My previous articles depict every step that […]

Lifers Parole Settlement Solution

Relieving California prisons overcrowding problem by releasing more lifers who are eligible and ready for parole. California State has had systemic problems with its justice system for decades. Crime rates have soared; recidivism rates have been at unacceptable levels for far too long; and now, overcrowding in California’s prisons has caused deaths that has led the […]

The Morrissey 8 Memorandum

Setting due process rights for parolees at their revocation hearings. Ah, the 1979 memorandum. The culprit responsible for today’s overcrowding as well as the current lifer issue. Who is “Morrissey 8”, anyway? In 1972, the United States Supreme Court issued a ruling in Morrissey v. Brewer, 408 U.S. 471. That created due process rights for […]

Lifer Inmate – Hidden Legal Processes

DONKEYS DON’T BRAG, THEY BRAY These articles I’ve written were originally intended for the families of a lifer inmate and lifers themselves, to better familiarize themselves with the legal processes happening all around them, with and without their knowledge. This information, which I’ve characterized as a “threat” to tyranny, has actually resulted in overturning one […]