Colby Benally

Hi my name is Colby Benally. I am 32 years old, I’m creative, artistic, handsome, charming. I sing and write music. I like to write songs and lyrics. Currently taking college courses to better my future, and also working full time. I would like to meet new people who can be a positive presence in […]

Sergio Zarazua

Hello World! My name is Sergio. I’ve been incarcerated for quite a while. Though bound by concrete walls and razor sharp fences, an endless reminder of my confinement, I continue to strive forward and enjoy everything life has given me under these circumstances. Now I find myself on the road to a new chapter in […]

Emmanuel Phillips

On more than two aspects I believe in surgical precision and broad detailing when one’s being introduced, and according to the protocol of things I’m offered at a minimum of quite a few words but plan on only using a small fraction to get my picture across. To begin, I look at myself as being […]

Grady Simmons

Hey! If you are interested in ART drop me a line at Grady Simmons #A232610. God bless and have a nice day!

Russell McCoy

Welcome Genuinely… If you’re someone like me you must have an appetite for communication and a taste for friendship, and if so, why suffer from starvation? (smile) When we can see what type of spices we can combine by feeding one another with the start of a simple letter or even an e-mail. Finding out […]

Shawn Cadogan

My name is Shawn Cadogan and my friends call me Snoop. I’m Black/Dominican, currently incarcerated at FCI Cumberland, with a couple of years left on my ‘vacation’; hopefully, my appeal will be successful and I’ll be released sooner. I invite all to correspond with me, all ethnicities without any discrimination. Yo creo que todas las […]

Marcus Keller

My name is Marcus Keller. I am a passionate, loyal, vision driven, ambitious person in search of those who will allow me to bring positive energy into their world. I’m honest and loyal to the core. I would like to step into the realm of friendship with you and erase the stigma of strangers between […]

Lucius Felder

Hello, Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lucius Felder, I’m from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and I’m 42 years of age. The reason for my incarceration is because I allowed greed to get the best of me by dealing drugs. I’ve been in here for 13 years and I must say that I’m […]

Jason Kennard

I’m in search of someone to vibe with! I’m laid back, real silly and love to enjoy the people around me. I’m from Houston, Texas, have an animated personality by nature, and respectful also. I’m hoping to communicate with different, creative, and sincere people. All I ask is that you judge me by the content […]

Zabe Jenkins

A very good author once penned; “every blessing ignored becomes a curse.” So if you’re reading this (… and you are ☺ …) it’s only meant that you say a few words. Not because something I say catches your interest, or I fit the “criteria”, but simply cuz I’m here and you’re there (on the […]