Richard Alvarez

Hello Free World, I’m a masculine, Irish/Cuban guy that’s very genuine and in search of something real by finding a great friend and if I’m lucky that Special Someone. I’m big on honesty, loyalty and trust. I’m thirty-four, in great shape, athletic and strong. There is so much more than broken promises and lies. I […]

Leonard Love

A hidden priceless diamond of a man looking to be found by the right woman for a genuine friendship / relationship. Hello. My name is Leonard Love, age 42, college educated, drug free, and have no children. I’m confident, smart, loyal, ambitious, very romantic and as real as they come. I enjoy all sports, especially […]

Dominic Carter

Hi, my name is Dominic and I’m a single man from Los Angeles, California. I’m excited about meeting new people and starting the new year on the right foot with someone special that I can laugh and have a good time with, and who’s not afraid to be her true self around me; a person […]

Clarence Wright

Dear Reader, Hopefully these words find you in the very best of health, along with a smile on your face. At this point in the game my housing situation isn’t so bright, but I’m still feeling blessed because I’m turning it into a growing situation. I’m not the type of person that just dwells on […]

Olie James Goad

Fun loving, great guy in search of someone special to erase the loneliness in my days and the sadness in my heart. I take relationships very seriously and don’t like people that lie, cheat, or play mind games since that only leads to drama, which always creates senseless arguments and unnecessary hurt. We were, after […]

Joshua Hunt

I realize that this is a profile page and it is recommended that I speak highly of myself. This may be hard for me because I have never been the type of person to focus on “I”. Also, it’s better to show people who you are by your actions, rather than to try to convince […]

Jesse Vega

Hello, my name is Jesse Vega. I’m Puerto Rican and Italian, from Chicago, Illinois. I truly thank you for sharing your time and finding me; I’m looking forward to getting to know you. Life has no promises; anything is possible as to what will come your way. You must search for your own ideals, and […]

Jonathan Sanchez

What’s good with you! ☺ I am Johnny-G, a diamond among stones looking for a woman with inner beauty to build a relationship with, a woman who is very understanding, affectionate, caring and loving. I am single with no kids, but would like one before I die. I would name her Kimberly Franchesca Sanchez, or […]

Theodore Bonaparte

As we salsa past the suckas, keep it fresh with the dougie and milly rock to the top, know that this dance is as great as who it’s with. A touchdown dance with a humble hearted businessman, in twenty eighteen, with the queen of my dreams, because freedom is a joy to be shared, and […]

Earneal Penson

Hello World, Nothing real can be threatened, while nothing unreal exists. That’s the type of friendship I’m requesting, something authentic and tangible. As I continue to mature I’ve became more knowledgeable and physically and mentally conscious. Most people enjoy the experience of me. I have the type of personality that can bring light to any […]