Frankie Xavier Lang III

Hello here young lady, please bear with me, this whole new way of meeting people is all new to me, and amazing at the same time. I’ve been locked up now going on my 12th year and l just got out of the hole after 8 years, so you can pretty much see my being […]

Derrick Richardson

My life is full of pain and passion. This is the story of my life. But I am who I am. Everybody has a story and I’m willing to listen to whoever feels the need to speak. I also got mine if anybody feels the need to listen. I’m not perfect which shows that I’m […]

Michael Washington

My name is Michael Washington, I’m 37 years old, and I’m from Houston, Texas. First off, I’m locked up but my mind is free. What I’m looking for is a woman with a good sense of humor, someone that loves to have fun. A woman that loves the small things, cause it’s not always about […]

Ernestor Ortiz

My future beautiful applicant, first off I would like to introduce myself. I am a Mexican/Native American. I am 6’-0”. I have a medium build. I am really quite attractive, I am told. To the woman that makes the cut, I’m looking for a solid friend that has good morals and values. And one that […]

Cortez Edwards

Salutations! If you’re reading this, wherever you are, then like me you felt the need to venture out, break the monotony, and connect with someone you can possibly build a solid relationship with. Well, baby exhale because it gets no realer… I’m in dire need of that special someone who complements me, my views and […]

Carlos McCray

I appreciate you taking the time to click on to my picture, and the interest that you’ve already shown. Even though I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you, I’m very interested in you. I truly believe friendships are important and over the many years I’ve been away I’ve learned the value of friendship, and […]

Travis Washington

Hey there, this is Travis. I’m a forty-six years young, well endowed Versatile Top looking to connect and build something real with a feminine, outgoing Bottom who’s willing to take a chance. I’ve been down for six long years of a (possible) nine year sentence for a robbery I regretfully commit. Why? Well, I have […]

Daryl Height

Hello, my name is Daryl Height, I’m from Charlotte N.C. Age 26, 6 ft., 170 lbs., College educated, ambitions and enjoy learning new things. I’m very open-minded, humble and caring, affectionate, and loyal. I enjoy all sports especially basketball which I’m very good at. Also I enjoy cooking, listing to a variety of music and […]

Monare Moore

I was born in Jamaica, but relocated to United States at a young age. I enjoy learning about others’ culture and way of life. I respect all nationalities. I speak Jamaican Patwa, Creole. I’m also learning Spanish. I like to travel the world sucking in all its beauty. I enjoy plaing soccer and going to […]

Jessup Tillmon

Ever wish to speak to someone and actually have them hear you, for them to listen to what’s really going on, for them to seek to understand your point of view? How about being able to exchange thoughts, feelings, and values knowing that each word is being received and responded to in kind? This what […]