Nhin Chhay

Hey future friend, how are you doing? Has it been a positive day so far? I appreciate you taking the time to check out my profile. A little about myself; I was born in Cambodia and arrived in the states in the late 80’s. I love camping and being outdoors; stars in the sky entice […]

Athain Russell

Thank you for checking out my profile, because here you find a stranger who will put a smile on your face inspiring you to respond. ☺ My name is Athain Russell and I’m reaching out to anyone with the intent of becoming a friend and maybe discover unique qualities in one another. Personally I believe […]

Jason Norris

My name is Jason. I’m 39 years old and sport a clean bald head, big arms and steel blue eyes. I’m looking to make some new friends and to be one. I’m loyal and someone you can count on to have your back. I’m fun, original, thoughtful and kind. I’m uplifting and guaranteed to make […]

Hilton Booker

Hi everyone! I’m Hilton, crime prevention book published author; check it out on Amazon – Cold As Ever I’m into meeting people of all genders, I’m marriage minded seeking my matching half, and I’m open to bi-sexual women who love to talk and not avoid any questions. California has just approved conjugal visits for all […]

Victor Platas

Hey there, my name is Victor. I decided to put up this profile with hopes of meeting new people of any culture or race. I want to start a new friendship through conversation, learning about one another, talking about life, culture, family, the good times, the bad times, advise each other, while also having fun […]

Joseph Cua

The title describes how I felt when I first entered California state prison system. Having been in the business world all my life, I’m the definite atypical inmate. My assimilation into the general prison populace had been an interesting journey that will make its way into print someday. I’m a writer and artist (paint in […]

Raymond Warren

Hello. My name is Raymond Allan Warren, and I hope my thoughts come upon you doing as well as possible in strength with focus, and determination. I’m doing well, and experiencing great news in life as I just won my appeal for the case in which I was wrongfully convicted. I await a court date […]

Joseph Sierra

My utmost respect goes out to the person reading my profile. Your time is appreciated. I only hope you decide to take the next step and get to know me. With that said allow me to introduce myself. My name is Joseph and I’m 35 years old. I was born and raised in California. I […]

Randy Brennan

I used to believe that my heart couldn’t be easily captured, but then I met pup Maddie, whose love I just couldn’t resist. She’s the goofy, playful and loving light in this place that can be so dark. Incarceration causes the heart to be like the moon; going through dark periods and sometimes hiding from […]

Jonathan Meza

Hello all you beautiful girls out there! I’m looking to find that Ride O’ Die chick to converse with. I know it takes a special woman to take time out of her busy schedule to spend writing a prisoner, but I can honestly say that it will be worth it. I know I have made […]