Ericson Lamar Snow

Family and friends call me Lamar. I am a graduate from J.F. Ingram Technical College. I have an Associate Degree in Electrical Technology and I specialize in Industrial Mechanics. I would like to acknowledge the fact that I’m not here to use this platform for games. At this point in my life I’m single and […]

Lawrence Ozel Little

My name is Lawrence 0. Little, which is an acronym for LOL (LOL)! I am the “Life of the party” kind of guy. Most of my friends frequently remark that I would excel doing stand-up comedy. I only agree because I understand that the whole world is MY STAGE. However, I specialize more in bringing […]

Chadd Benefield

Hey there ladies, I’m Chadd… My friends call me CJ or Bama. They call me Bama because I’m from Alabama and was born in Arizona. I’m a southern man. I’m on this site looking to make some friends, I need a penpal. I don’t have much longer left in prison as I get out at […]

Rene Castro

Hello, My name is Rene and everyone I affiliate with calls me Castro. I’m in hopes of stealing your attention for a brief moment to let you know a little about myself. I’m from Austin, TX, born and raised. I am trying to connect back to society and find friendship across the world. I am […]

Charles Deese

Hi there! Are you tired of guys with hidden agendas lacking honesty, sincerity and respect? In the harsh realities of life, there are going to be people like that; a few bad apples can spoil it for the rest. I’m confident, spontaneous and open-minded. I love to laugh and have fun in life. Some of […]

Marc Rosemond

You can’t let yourself be comfortable with being wrong because it distorts our perception or reality. Still I don’t blame you for not responding to my ads all these years. Seeing what I’m incarcerated for can be a deterrent. Despite my lack of success to date in ending my imprisonment, I continue to seek help […]

David Carl Smith

I hope that you are doing great. Thank you for taking the time to stop and read my profile. I will try to make your reading as painless as possible. I’ve decided to try my luck with making new friends by writing Pen-Pals. I am seeking something genuine and long-term. Friendships and or otherwise. I […]

Larell Harttlet

My name is Larell Harttlet. I was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington. I am currently incarcerated in Washington State. Through this brief dialogue you wouldn’t be able to see how invigorated I am. I have many desirable qualities. To name a few; I’m a great listener, sweet, compassionate, open and free type or person. […]

Desmond Wade

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of introducing myself and granting me the opportunity to compose these few but sincere words in hopes of arousing your curiosity as to who I am. I am a native of Tacoma, Washington, by the name of Desmond Wade, but my close friends call me Dez. I like […]

Anthony Betts

Hello, Well, my name is Anthony. I’m a 32-years-old outgoing, family oriented, athletic, warm hearted and open minded man. I don’t judge a book by its cover. I take things at face value. I have attained my high school diploma and a VOC paint certificate. I’m a God fearing man, I don’t take anything personal, […]