London Tion Reynolds

Como esta? Have you ever seen those signs homeless people hold saying “Why lie, I need a beer”? Well mine is similar saying “Why lie, I need a friend”. I’m serious about what I say. I’m looking to give some conversation and receive some. They say life is a give and take so I’m giving […]

Romelle Hicks

Hello. Well, first off I would like to say thank you for taking the time to look at my profile. Allow me to tell you some things about myself. My name is Romelle. I am 33 years of age, born and raised in Chicago. If I had to describe myself, I would say that I […]

Derek Bryan

My name is Derek but my nickname is Sway, so that is what I go by. I am 5’11 tall with hazel eyes, and brown hair. I have a lot of tattoos; my whole left arm from my shoulder to my knuckles including the tops of both of my hands, my right inner and outer […]

Michael Nolan

What’s up? My name is Michael Nolan, but I go by ILL because I’m a rapper. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty cold, it’s my gift. If you like rap at all I guarantee you will trip out when you hear my work. I’ve been putting pen to paper since I was sixteen. […]

Cecil Henderson

I am a single black man seeking to establish a meaningful friendship with a female. I must say I am handsome, well-built, open-minded, mature, and stable in all areas. I seek a woman desiring to better herself and get ahead in life, incorporating her knowledge and understanding to become one with my same goals and […]

Kevin Gilfoy

I am from Spokane, Washington. I am outgoing, understanding and I carry myself with respect and treat others with respect. I can be funny at times, my spirits are high and I’m happy to be living life. Life is a blessing. I believe in honesty and loyalty so I live by both. I have a […]

Rachaud Kitchens

You know what I find attractive? Simplicity! None of the adopted trends from Reality T.V., but rather the reality from originality. “Playing” perfect for image destroys character. Tell me, what’s so wrong with impressing each other with genuine authenticity? For example – next year (2019) I’ll be released and I don’t have the slightest idea […]

Bryant Burnam

Hello, Thank you for showing interest in taking the time to read my profile. I’m 43, from North Little Rock, Arkansas. I would like to say that I’m a kind and lovable person. In my spare time I like to read, write, and exercise. I am seeking and searching for a lady to correspond with […]

Alonzo Talley

Dear Friends This is a love one seeking out great possible communication with another love one out in the community to share encouragement and good creation within these last days we stand in. I’m an intelligent young gentleman who wants to how my great potential and educated ways. And possibly grow as one. As we […]

Michael Washington

Hi. My name is Michael Washington; I’m 36, from Houston, Texas. I am looking for a friend, and wherever it goes I’m for it. The type of person I’m looking for is someone I can actually say that we can probably build something together, someone who knows how to be a friend first, who’s not […]