Jail Babes

Women find romance behind bars, and a lot more. If you’re a guy, you probably got aroused at the title of this article, thinking of some hot jail babes who are locked up, horny, and ready to rock your world on a conjugal visit! If you’re a woman, you probably instantly thought of some tough-looking […]

Hustle Man

The prison black market specialist. In every prison nationwide exists a man on whom every inmate depends: the extraordinary, smooth-talking convict who can deliver—for a price—anything you ever wanted, even the things you don’t want. An agent, middleman, who regulates supply and demand, a walking swap meet or newsstand—he always delivers. Everyone knows him, even […]

Prison Dayroom Conversations

“Quickly, the deafening chatter of over a hundred men’s conversations takes over the dayroom.” Growing up as a Mexican American in an affluent conservative Southern California suburb mostly populated by whites, I had to assimilate to “fit in.” Dated hot blonde-haired, blue-eyed chicks, became a regular at frat kegger parties, looked and dressed like a […]

Atascadero State Hospital Nutcase Treasure Hunt

“I am tryin’ to get to Atascadero State Hospital. Lots of love there.” Nutcase Treasure Hunt. Coming to the prison system in 1995, just 25 years old, after spending nearly two years in the L.A. County jail, I was scared, not knowing what to expect. I had already been involved in racial riots in jail […]