Wes Hamman

Hello, my name is Wes and I’m looking for a good friend with an open mind and heart. I’m hoping to find someone to write who’s not on drugs, nor involved in a criminal lifestyle. I’ve already lived that life and it no longer holds any interest for me. Some of the things that I’m […]

Nicholas Senegal

Greetings! What a pleasantry it is that you took the time out of your life to take a closer look at what I have going on in mine. Now I wouldn’t want you working in the dark to see who I really am without real facts. So I would like to offer you an opportunity […]

Aquarius Walker

Then STOP! ……….. there is no need to look any further. I am open to becoming everything that you are looking for in a man/friend. My name is Aquarius. If you are still reading this, then at least you are open minded, or at least you realize that there are a few good men that […]

Nathan Cooper

Are you looking for someone who is honest, genuine, and funny? Well, look no further! If you respond to this ad, I will have your email address. It takes about a week to get a response. So you have to keep checking your email address to accept my request. After you accept my request, it […]

Shawn Wuertley

To: All Readers Fr: “Maverick” Listening to: Five Finger Death Punch “Far From Home” Mood: Pressing On!! Hello! Hope this greeting finds you well. It’s probably safe to say that, like me, you are here to meet fun, loyal friends .… or just passing time browsing profiles of those trying to sell you on why ‘they’ […]

Aaron Pettes

Click. Click. Click. STOP! No need to click any further, you’ve found him. That person, that friend, the man you’ve been looking to share your heart with. That’s me. I know life is crazy. I’ve learned that, too. Sometimes you lay awake at night, in your bed, and wonder if anyone else thinks similar thoughts. […]

Terrance Mathis

Hello. My name is Terrance, age 37, from Virginia. I’m hoping to meet a mature, supportive, ambitious woman who knows what she wants in life and doesn’t have a problem going after it. I want someone I can share my innermost thoughts with, someone who isn’t judgmental and has somewhat of a past. I would […]

Herbert Devaughn

Hello to all the women out there. My name is Herbert Devaughn. I’m a 34-year-old Libra with a light caramel complexion, wavy black hair, and light hazel brown eyes. I’m a first time non-violent offender from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Never been in prison before, or on a web site. I’m a strong, honest man that will […]

Michael Overall

I woke up in BEAST MODE! Every day, before my day begins, I like to work out, set goals for myself, and try to build a better me. I believe you can achieve anything in life if you desire it enough. All you have to do is DREAM BIG and set the bar high for […]

Daniel Simms

Are you tired of the games? The drama? Do you just want someone to be there for you without any strings attached? Well, guess what, that’s exactly what I want too. As I get older (I’m almost forty) I realized that the most important thing in life is relationships. Currently we are strangers, but strangers […]