Mert Celebisoy

Sometimes the best and the most significant friendships can flourish under the least likely circumstances. Hi! My name is Mert. I’m a caring, loving person, and I want to develop a meaningful relationship with a like-minded soul. I’m absorbed by various subjects like cooking, music, history, as well as reading and writing. As an ambitious […]

Negus-I Jones

I’m into women but I invite all responses from everyone. I can be friends with just about anybody if their heart’s in the right place. One of my most dreamed about dreams is to cross paths with people outside these bars that can see me as a human being with potential, not some inmate who […]

Aundra Taylor

Hey! What about me! LOL! Thought that would get your attention, lol! Well, basically I’m looking for somebody I can get to know. I would say I’m looking for a relationship, but I don’t think that’s possible until I find a good friend. Friendship comes in all kinds of different colors and ages. In these […]

Cedric Brooks

Hey you, I’m Cedric. I like to thank you for viewing my profile. Not used to introducing myself this way, but under these circumstances I’m taking the opportunity to meet someone new. I’ve always believed that “good things come to those who wait”!! To say the least, I’m glad I made a profile. A little […]

Jason Thompson

Originally from Washington, DC and Maryland. I enjoy reading, writing poetry, and education. I’m currently working on my degree in Business Management and I’ve already earned certification in Office Systems Technology as well as a Professional Trainer (Fitness). Though children are great, I have none. I’m a well-rounded, down-to-earth, open-minded man. Life is too short to […]

Johnnie Walters

Hi, my name is Jay, and I’m a charismatic Seattle native ISO an understanding and intelligent woman who appreciates the rare value of “Loyalty”, and is interested in sharing a quality vision for us to grow together. I speak basic Spanish and German, am well-traveled, and take pride in learning about new places and cultures. […]

Eric Torres

I have a 300-word limit for my intro and I honestly don’t even know where to start. So… in a nutshell: my name is Ric; I’m originally from Northern California (San Francisco/Bay area), but I’d been living in Houston, Texas, a few years prior to my incarceration. Out there, I love traveling, music (Salsa, Rap, […]

John Shore

So, approximately 7.5 years ago, after partaking in much Jim Bean and Xanax, I grabbed my .357 Magnum and jumped in my Cadillac with the intent of showing a few “friends” the TRUE meaning of gangster. Well, what a ssssstupid idea that turned out to be. What can I say, I was a young man […]

Datrion Newton

Hello ladies, my name is Datrion Isreal Newton and I know that some of you women have developed a wall around your hearts, due to all of the deep wounds of hurt that you may have been inflicted with by some of the previous men that you let come into your life. So with that […]

Vidal Vincent

It gives me great pleasure to have this opportunity of meeting a special woman I can devote my undivided attention to. If you happen to be her, then I’m reaching out with high hopes of touching you; and it doesn’t have to be physically in order for you to feel me. I seek to stimulate […]