Shamus O’Grady

Instead of giving you some catchy intro, talking in riddles in order to hopefully catch your interest, I’m gonna keep it real and genuine. Right now I’m doing time for my mistakes, learning from them and gradually becoming the best person I can be. I’m a loyal, honest, and standup guy who knows how to […]

Thomas Cali

What’s up, Introduction letters are the worse right….? I guess I should start by saying thank you for looking outside the box, not everyone is open enough to seek a connection in such an unlikely place such as prison. However, sometimes you stumble upon something special where you least expect it. I guess that’s what […]

Lyric Cline

My name is Lyric Leeyn Cline. I’m 28 years old, from Tacoma, Washington. I’m an intelligent, open-minded guy who’s very easy to talk to, with a great sense of humor and an effortless ability to make people laugh. I’m looking for someone willing to dedicate the next 17 months to getting to know me. I’m […]

Adolphus Redding

I’m thankful I never married or had any kids yet. The previous version of myself was lacking maturity; I didn’t know enough about being a man to be called one. But time and experience have matured me. I restored my faith in God and began trusting that there is more to life than obtaining “things”. […]

Ron Wallace

I am first and foremost looking for friendship and expanding my “Social Network”. Are you open for friendship end possibly more? I believe all good relationships are built on three 3 cornerstones: Trust, Honesty, and last but not least Open Communication. Are you looking for someone who is trustworthy? Brutally honest? A great communicator? Well, […]

Chris Brockmiller

My name is Chris, as you can see from my profile, but a name doesn’t tell you who I am. I’m an intellectual white country boy who loves hunting, fishing, lifting weights and fast cars, country rock and metal music. I enjoy good conversation with good people that have goals and ambitions in life, people […]

Tommie Mitchell

I would like to extend this invitation to a woman willing to greet the unknown with curiosity. I can never get a second chance to make a first impression but if I don’t take a chance, I don’t stand a chance. I need you to keep an open mind and picture the positive possibilities! Teamwork […]

Rodney Hughes

Looking at my photo you probably think you know what type of guy I am. That’s OK though, because I’ve been judged all my life about the way I look. I’ve been in prison for 12 years without a consistent woman in my life. I want that to change. I want a woman I can […]

Kevin Dunn

My name is Kevin; I’m 49 years old, very respectful and down to earth. I’m a businessman by profession and I’ve owned a couple of businesses. I love to have fun, entertain parties, have cookouts, go to sporting events, concerts, family functions, vacations, cruises to the islands, and I love different types of foods. I […]

Ryan Hadley

Here’s a great and ambitious guy looking to get to know you and if we vibe build a friendship. Let’s talk about likes, dislikes, our experiences, dreams, and squeeze some good laughs in. Your letters will bring a smile to my face and I hope to do the same for you. I’ve been incarcerated for […]