Ken Crawford

Hell, and welcome into the mind of a Gangsta! I am the insidious character ‘Carlos’ in my mother’s (2011) published urban novel “I’m Baby Girl And This Is My Story” by Tweetie Bond, available @ Barnes-N-Noble , and also The book is all about the game and how one family survived it. If […]

Ian Strawn

What’s up? I’m a Virgo and my name is Ian Forrest Strawn. I’m from Seattle, Washington (born and raised). I have green eyes, am 6 ft. tall, weigh 170 lbs. and have a lean athletic build. I’m a true blue, blue collar. I’m an artist and welder by trade, was a licensed tattoo artist, and […]

Clark Stuhr

Single man looking for a good-hearted friend to correspond with and “take long, barefoot walks” around my 12 by 7-foot cell. I’m told I’m an interesting, witty, laid-back, easy-going man, with many interests and skills – everything from working out, gardening, cooking, to crocheting baby blankets and hats for kids in the Children’s Cancer wards. […]

Brandon Schein

Perhaps our minds may become intrigued by the design of each other’s being? Because, it’s by living and sharing our individual variety and diversity that we add multidimensional tone and texture not only to our own lives but also to the lives with whom we cross paths. Our paths have crossed; that’s clear, but who […]

Andrew Garcia

I wrote this brief introduction with hopes of connecting with someone. It might not be the best introduction you’ve ever read, or the worst, but I hope it will give you a glimpse into who I am. I’m hopeful for a friendship with endless possibilities with a good-hearted and open-minded person, especially to my current […]

Mau Tafia

“Whenever what is in front of you becomes more important than what’s behind you, you will always get away.” They say, “The more frustrating the environment, the more fruitful the individual.” Being incarcerated has taught me all the things I’ve failed to apply in my life. It’s also revealed to me how much my past […]

Olujimi Blakeney

I am a single, never married, open-minded person who loves to laugh and make others laugh every chance I can. I am very upbeat and enjoy writing. I would love to show you how creative my thoughts are. I am very curious on others’ cultures, no matter the geographical location. I am sure there is […]

Allen Bridgers

As I journey through life alone in my cell, I search for someone to share my life, opinions, and outlook, but I’d be lying to myself if I wasn’t also looking for that special lady who can truly share my joy and pain with. Really, I’m looking for a friend to put a smile on […]

Axel Ries

Eric Hoffer once said: “Many of the insights of the saint stem from his experience as a sinner.” I have no idea who he was, but his words ring true. I am not perfect, I know quite well that I am not always right and that I make mistakes, have made more than I’d like […]

Mert Celebisoy

Sometimes the best and the most significant friendships can flourish under the least likely circumstances. Hi! My name is Mert. I’m a caring, loving person, and I want to develop a meaningful relationship with a like-minded soul. I’m absorbed by various subjects like cooking, music, history, as well as reading and writing. As an ambitious […]