Reggie Coverson

Liberty challenged male residing in Marion, Illinois, serving out the remainder of my sentence for sales of crack cocaine with a July 28, 2020 outdate at the RDAP Unit. Residential Drug Abuse Program. I’m down here by myself, and would love to meet a friend to correspond and share occasional visits with. I’m intelligent, outgoing, […]

Richie Reyes

Hello there, my name is Richie. I’m 36 years old, and I’m originally from San Diego, California. I’m searching for a lady friend who is mature, and most important of all HONEST. I’m not into games and lies. I’m an easy going individual, humble and respectful, with a sense of humor that’ll make you smile […]

Kayla Buchanan

Hi, I’m Kayla. I’m 34 years old and I’m in prison for a mistake I made. I still have 4 years to go and I’m looking for real friends that will stand by me no matter what. I’m from N.C. but don’t know where the wind will blow me when this is over. I love […]

Antjwan Jones

Have you ever paid attention to that feeling that dwells deep within? The one where, when you ask yourself what do you want in a relationship … you know, the one where you know what you yearn, but you still question whether it exists … well …!? Please feel free to entertain your thoughts as […]

Ronald Miller

What’s good ladies? How are all the wonderful ladies? My name is Ronald Wayne Miller Jr. but I go by Wayne. I’m 30 years old. Young, Active, and Attractive. I’m looking for a woman that is smart, talented, and intellectual. My focus is on the present as well as the future. I have countless goals […]

William Efford

Hi, My name is William Efford ,but everyone calls me “Dee” because of my middle name DeAngelo. My reason for putting up this profile is because I’m trying to meet someone new that could be a plus in my life before I get my freedom. It doesn’t matter what race, heritage or religion you are. […]

Omar Ali Norman

Hello! My name is Omar; I’m a 33-years-old passionate writer… who’s very optimistic. My status is single, and I don’t have any kids. Some of my interests are: studying, reading, writing, working out, and cooking. I’m interested in getting to know a woman who’s open-minded, independent, and has a good sense of humor, someone that […]

Darryl Lee

How you truly perceive a last of a dying breed type of “Renaissance Businessman” on lock I don’t actually know. But I do know that you should at least grant me the benefit of the doubt without any preconceived biases, stereotypes or myopic views, as I am voraciously confident that once you invest the quality […]

Ray Louthian

Abandoned on the Florida Georgia line. The second the handcuffs went on all my so-called friends left me hangin! Hi, I’m Ray, a free-spirited 40 something young, energetic, ambitious, respectable, down-to-earth man with a good sense of humor. I’m a musician. I play guitar, violin, and banjo. I feel I need music just like I […]

Mike Levine

My name is Michael, I’m 31 years old, and I’m from Delray Beach, Florida. My life has so far been a journey that has taken me to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, yet through it all I consider myself to be truly blessed. I place great value on honesty, humility, and […]