Send and receive messages from prisoners.

Corrlinks is a privately owned company that operates the Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS), the email system used by the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons to allow inmates to communicate with the outside world. CorrLinks is a subsidiary of Advanced Technologies Group.

Inmates pay in order to use CorrLinks, which they can access from the computer kiosks in their housing units. However, it is free to those on the outside. This service is also available in some state prisons.

CorrLinks is not an email system like Gmail or Yahoo, it is more like a message board that requires the user to be logged in in order to send a message. The user can send only text – no images.

To log in or register go to CorrLinks

Inmate Classifies is not affiliated with Corrlinks, so using their services is at your own discretion. If you have any questions or issues go to their FAQ page