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Hello, here is the information you requested. This letter explains our service and the benefits of being able to communicate with pen pals around the world.

For all intended purposes INMATE Classified is your pen pal connection to the world, an Internet Web Site dedicated exclusively to publishing prison inmate Internet ads. Just think of your Internet Ad as "resume", a simple and effective way of presenting yourself to pen pals worldwide.


$60.00 Four Months    $75 Six Months    $120 One Year
Renewal: $15 / month or $75 for six months or $120 for a full year.

Send us a recent photo of yourself (must be less than 3 years old), desired text (300 words or less), and the completed Order Form. You can add more photos to your ad for $10 each and 300 more words for $10. Your ad will be ready within four weeks of receiving your complete information and payment. Once your ad is live, we will print out and mail you a copy. We return all photos. If you would like to make minor corrections to your new ad, just send us back the printed copy, within 2 weeks of receiving it, indicating the corrections you desire and we will promptly update it for free. Address changes are always free.

Your ad includes your own personal message box, which allows people to respond to your Internet ad from their computer. Once each week we will download and print your messages (if any) and send them directly to you at the prison via regular mail at no additional cost to you. Our visitors know that you don't have access to the Internet, but still some won't leave a street address, intentionally or by neglect. In those cases we make it possible for you to respond to these messages. Send us your response letter; we'll scan it (image, as you wrote it) and e-mail it on your behalf. Be sure to include the e-mail address of the recipient. The cost is $2 per e-mail per page (or 5 first class stamps where allowed). Use letter size paper (8.5x11); anything larger cannot be scanned.


(Optional! Costs extra!)
Increase the exposure of your ad with a photo link on our Front Page.

$45.00 Three Months $150 One Year
Renewal: $15 / month or $150 for a full year.

The Front Page of our web site gets the highest traffic, so it's very valuable "real estate". We will create a thumbnail size face shot from one of your photos and place it on our Front Page. Anyone who clicks on your thumbnail gets to your main ad.
You have to start with minimum 3 months. Purchase it any time, but be aware that when your main ad expires the high exposure expires with it.


You can grow your exposure by adding multiple web pages of text, photos, or artwork linked to your main ad. We will create links (short descriptions) on your main ad that will take the viewer to each additional page. The additional pages have the same size limits as your main ad. The cost is $25 one time setup fee per web page + $10 per photo or artwork + $10 for 300 words or less (300 more words add $10). When your main ad expires all additional pages expire with it.

Tips for writing a successful ad: • Use a good quality, recent picture of yourself. • Choose a good title, something catchy or unique. • Invite everyone to respond, not just the opposite sex. • Words are important, use them wisely. • Be sincere, write about your dreams, passions, regrets, etc. • Be positive and cheerful - humor never hurts.

• “ The response from my personal home page was absolutely wild! I’ve received a gazillion letters and photos from around the world and without question, would highly recommend the INMATE Classified internet service to all inmates.” Dean Kennedy – California.
• “ Beautiful! Thank you so much! Right away I began getting messages and snail mail from across the globe. I am truly amazed. I feel rejuvenated, alive again, and a part of the world that has become so distant to me. This is magical.” Robin Head –Texas.
• “ The response my ad has received on the Internet is incredible! Letters from Sweden, Australia, and the U.S. coast to coast. It’s worth the investment.” David Valdez – California.
• “Now I know I’ll face death very soon. I’ve enjoyed meeting people through your service as I have no family standing by me. Facing this alone has been Hell, but with letters from friends it sure has made my days better. Thanks.” Victor – Florida.
• “I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your services. Thanks to you I now have a beautiful, intelligent, conscious and supportive wife! You can quote that when you advertise your business… Demian Johnson – California.


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