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"It's sweet to be remembered, but often cheaper to be forgotten."

There is no greater gift you can give to a stranger than a few words of encouragement. If you want to help an inmate, contact him/her today. There are no computers in prison nor do inmates have access to the Internet, but through INMATE Classified they can now make their presence visible to you.

About INMATE Classified
How it Works


Q Do I have to pay for using your web site?
: No! The pen pal ads you see here are paid by the inmates or by their family and friends.

Q: Do prisoners have access to the Internet?
A: No. They don't have access to the Internet. If you expect a response leave a return street address.
      Most inmates listed here have a personal e-mail box, best used for initial contacts as well as for keeping in touch. All messages are downloaded and sent to each individual inmate by regular mail at the end of each week. Ocassionally an inmate listed here will pay us to respond to an e-mail someone sent without a contact address. But that's an expensive way to get your attention - please leave a return mailing address when you e-mail to a prisoner.

QDo all prisoners have e-mail boxes?
A: No. We used to be the only service who provided inmates with e-mail boxes. Now there are others, with limited e-mail use though.
       Keep your messages short. TEXT ONLY!
      This service will disregard e-mail containing  pictures, graphics, attachments, electronic greeting cards, chain letters, HTML, commercial e-mail, multiple e-mail recipients, or junk mail.

QHow can I place an ad for my friend or family member?
A: Here's the Information and Order Form.

Q: How can I locate someone in prison?
A: Go to How to find and inmate.

INMATE Classified is a pioneer of Internet services dedicated exclusively to inmates and their special needs.

There may be services similar to ours, but no other service compares with the combination of our incredible world wide exposure, professionally designed and presented home pages, colorful graphics, creative text and layouts, weekly e-mail forwarding, and the highest quality of personal customer service. Just take a look at what some of our satisfied customers have to say about our service, and the responses to their ads.

• “ The response from my personal home page was absolutely wild! I’ve received a gazillion letters and photos from around the world and without question, would highly recommend the INMATE Classified internet service to all inmates.” Dean Kennedy – California.
• “ Beautiful! Thank you so much! Right away I began getting messages and snail mail from across the globe. I am truly amazed. I feel rejuvenated, alive again, and a part of the world that has become so distant to me. This is magical.” Robin Head –Texas.
• “ The response my ad has received on the Internet is incredible! Letters from Sweden, Australia, and the U.S. coast to coast. It’s worth the investment.” David Valdez – California.
• “Now I know I’ll face death very soon. I’ve enjoyed meeting people through your service as I have no family standing by me. Facing this alone has been Hell, but with letters from friends it sure has made my days better. Thanks.” Victor Farr – Florida.
• “I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your services. Thanks to you I now have a beautiful, intelligent, conscious and supportive wife! You can quote that when you advertise your business… Demian Johnson – California.

And yes ... you must be at least 18 years old to use this service!


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