William Wooten

Hello World, smile to the sun because we woke up today and that alone is a blessing. Last year took a toll on us and I send my condolences to any and everyone who lost someone; my heart feels for you and your family. As we say on this side of the fence, keep your head up, chest out. Stay strong.

Let me start off these new and wonderful relationships by introducing who I am. I just turned 30 in April, it’s a Taurus thing. With that said I’m down-to-earth, 5ft8 and 196 pounds and yes I keep my body well and in shape. I am from San Diego, California, I enjoy writing poems and spoken-word. Music is a big part of my life. R&B holds my heart. Artists like Donell Junes, Musiq, Avant, Jeremiah, etc.

They say laughter is food for the soul, so having a good sense of humor is a must. I have been gone since my early twenties and I refuse to let the mistakes of my past dictate who I am today. I’m seeking change for the better and a friend to talk with, someone who is not judgmental, a friend who will keep it real with me, as well as HERSELF. The Man / Woman upstairs made NO mistakes. Everybody is BEAUTIFUL in their own way regardless of age or looks. Imperfections are what makes us PERFECT, it’s what makes us, Us. One thing for sure, I want better out of life. To achieve better, I MUST and WILL surround myself with like-minded individuals so we can sharpen each other mentally and be there for each other emotionally. You know, a true friendship till the end type-sh*t.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to email, but if you’re interested in getting to know each other feel free to tap in. Leave me your contact information and a few lines about yourself and let’s start from there; or as my grandmother would say, FROM SCRATCH.

I may not know you but you know yourself, so if the friend I’m seeking is you, don’t be shy, I am looking forward to getting to know you as well. Slick talk is good but REAL talk is better. Just be yourself and let’s see where this ride takes us. Hopefully it’s to the TOP!

Keep the faith and faith will keep you.
Your New Friend

Personal Information

Sex: Male
Race: Black
D.O.B.: 4/29/1991
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 196 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Convicted of: Trafficking
Lenght of sentence: 11 years
Incarceration date: 1/14/20214
Current release date: 2024

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William Wooten #42970-298
PO BOX 5000

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