Rupert Flowers

I am a dedicated, determined, passionate, ambitious, and creative person. I spend most of my time studying and elevating myself mentally, spiritually, and intellectually. I was once told to convert this prison into a university so I yielded to that by becoming a certified paralegal and currently pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Business. I enjoy laughing and having fun despite life’s ups and downs. I keep a positive attitude and remain optimistic. We only live once, so I believe it’s important to maximize the opportunities and experiences life has to offer, one of the most important being genuine friendship. I believe a man with unrealistic expectations is prone to bypassing realistic opportunities, so I have no outrageous expectations; just someone who is caring and capable of holding a decent conversation, I’m very open minded and look forward to finding a great friend.

Life is uncertain, and without a plan we become lost. So finding a woman who understands the struggle a man goes through, would be a great blessing.

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Personal Information

Sex: Male
Race: African American
D.O.B.: 7/13/1986
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 205 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Convicted of: Robbery
Lenght of sentence: 15 years.
Incarceration date: 5/30/2009
Current release date: 2021

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