Ronald Worthy
A Story of Struggle, Hope and Determination

Hi, my name is Ron and I chose to word this introduction in the following manner because you may begin to wonder while reading, “what planet could he have arrived from?” My ultimate goal and main objective in writing this is to assure every female who chooses to read my profile that men who know and understand how valuable they are, still exist! This intro is meant for those women who are ready and willing to ride for the cause. That cause is for the betterment of one’s self, male and female! To assist in this pursuit for freedom, stability, and overall revolution! Basically put, this is intended for riders only, “ride or die” women! This is a lot more than a fad, it’s a lifestyle, a way of life! It is when you love someone so much that you’re willing to treat their sentence as your own!

I have a question: do you love us? Do you love and appreciate those of us who, like myself, ended up in a place such as this because of our efforts to support our loved ones by any means? No matter how long or tough this road becomes, are you willing to ride “shotgun”, are you willing to drive when necessary? Will you give your best efforts, even when the easiest solution would seem to simply pull the car over, get out, and walk away? Are you willing to sacrifice your needs for ours? Are you willing to utilize some of your brain power to help us rise from this stressful situation? When those phone calls, letters, visits cause you to long for our freedom, are you strong enough to continue this fight? Are you equipped for battle? Are you a soldier? Throughout this deployment will you encourage, reassure, and create ways to keep us relevant? Do you know what it means to be loyal? Would you take our place if it meant our freedom, our liberation?

This is the uncensored definition of a “ride or die woman”! To fully dedicate herself to this lifestyle because she has deemed him worthy, means “to ride or die” ceases to exist, thus never committing to, or participating in such a task, or “die” during this attempt to complete such a task. So now that this question has been explained in fullness, I ask all of you women on Earth one final time. I’m not seeking romance, nor am I seeking your hand in marriage yet, in all honesty, are you willing to “ride or die” for real men? Please respond with a clear understanding. May you enjoy your day, and thank you for your time.
Ronald Worthy


A Woman’s Loyalty is Tested …
… when her friend has nothing, and her friend’s loyalty is tested when they have everything! This world in exchange for you? Who’s worth is deemed greater? Man so loved this world, equal is a woman’s worth in my eyes, in fact I’d like to think she’s crafted in Earth’s image! I found myself marveling over her many mysteries, left in awe, as would astronomers, astronauts! I’ve studied and continue studying all which surrounds her. Woe to the men who fail in providing this vital attention! In researching “her” I’ve also meditated on the concept of God, this supernatural being who’s believed to govern out universe! I’ve yet to discover viable enough evidence to support God’s true gender. This factor is keen because many men label themselves superior to their female counterparts due to this close-minded differential! I couldn’t honestly write this without admitting I’ve thought along these same lines in my younger years, simply because of the power or sense of authority which some allow men to hold over them!

What I’d like to exemplify here is the autocracies over humans or material objects in general! People become possessive over others depending on how much worth they’ve added to the individual they’re aiming to possess. This mindset drives us and strengthens our desires! For example, a farmer could easily become obsessed with his herd of cattle over their flock of sheep, or corn field over a wheat harvest. Humans will destroy, even kill everything in their path over a plain T-shirt, if this T-shirt holds an imminent value or uniqueness! As we’re aware, T-shirts are made in abundance as cattle, sheep, corn and wheat, and could easily be replaced or reproduced! Attachment could very well become a mental disorder. The worth and value which we tend to place on ourselves, and others, should no doubt be substantial, yet limitations are healthy! Limitation links us to reality in this sense, so our “MATRIX” isn’t distorted! We’re all created equal, possessing different mental and physical attributes that fluctuate in “skill set”. No one person trumps all, yet in woman’s defense they’re the closest physical example of this “God” concept. As all other inhabitants of this planet explain the existence and relevance of Earth, so does mankind and our multitudes prove the worth of woman; she’s the “Mecca” of human life! There’s no secret that I hold a genuine respect for women. I don’t think women alone define “God” but how could I logically exclude her or degrade her to least importance? What is this I’ve written, you may wonder? A testament, a creed of my loyalties to her, hail to her nebula, long live our “Queens”!

Personal Information

Sex: Male
Race: African American
D.O.B.: 10/8/1978
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 182 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Convicted of: Capital Murder (Law of Party)
Lenght of sentence: 40 years to life
Incarceration date: 5/18/2003
Current release date: 5/18/2043

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