Nyka O’Connor
Freedom Within And Without, With Friends.

Greetings friends. May these words find you in best of health threefold in body, mind and spirit, as I pay homage.

In 1994, I came to Florida from Jamaica. I completed High School and Vo-Tech School for computers and electronics. Briefly sought a bachelor’s at ITT, then enrolled at BCC. However, I was arrested on false accusations. I was tried, ACQUITED, then RETRIED in violation of DOUBLE JEOPARDY. At retrial, said accuser testified that HE, NOT ME, actually committed said crimes. UM Innocence Project is currently reviewing my case.

While incarcerated, I’ve earned certification in Paralegal, SYDA Yoga Meditation, Wellness, Global Leadership, and Thinking For A Change. I wish to resume college to study law, economics, and parapsychology; start a restaurant franchise serving Siddha and Caribbean cuisine; and a  trucking company. Finding a good wife and having children would be a blessing.

I’m learning life’s sweet and sour paths that give life flavor and amount to a balanced EXPERIENCE, which is the best teacher. Presently, the balance point would be our connecting thoughts, with me inside at one end and you friends outside at the opposite end of the balance scale.

In society, I was like the Speedy Gonzalez cartoon. I liked fast cars, fast motorcycles, and a fast life. However, prison slowed me down and now I enjoy meditating, Kundalini Yoga, reading spiritual materials, litigating, writing poetry, exercising to maintain good health and my athletic build.

My life’s goal is to master Myself, then look in retrospect and smile at everything; perceiving all to be the game of life, while thanking Life for Her lessons.
Kindly share your experiences, endeavors, view on life, etc. I patiently await ALL responses. I’ll now close as I opened … IN PEACE. Thanks & Be Blessed.

Fastest way to communicate with me is through Securustech.net or the Securus mobile app; use my name and prison id# to find me then add me to your contacts list. The only other option is to give me your phone # so I can call you collect.

Second Chance

When Dad desired another bottle of beer He’d sing
A bird flies on two, but not only one wing
A balance scale has two ends, with a pivot in between
Incarcerated 22 plus years, I question an in with no out
This contravenes Universal Laws of Balance beyond reasonable doubt.
Every negative has a positive with a neutral charge too
Esoterically Adam dissected into Eve and one became two
So it’s impossible the locks keys turn only right but not left,
Even musical notes have a low & high, bass & treble clef.
Is the un-manifested deprived of manifested & with has no without?
Is east ignorant of the west, does north know the south?
When did incarceration got divorced from its freedom counterpart
Contemplate Unity in Diversity in Gurumayis’ book “Sadhana of the Heart”.
Same way Double Jeopardy gave me Life, I’ll kindly give it back
Some think time can be taken or given because of illusions cataract.
Writing these words in the dark night is balanced by the glowing moonlight
It seems dark without, but kundalini within shines very bright
Since everything has its opposites or second like the old & new
With a dry parched heart I await God’s loving moist rain dew
Now I’m patiently receiving God’s grace & smile with a glance,
To re-enter the free world and Master Myself, through a Second Chance.

Note: This poem is about my unlawful incarceration resulting from Double Jeopardy, which will result in my freedom.


Feelings aren’t limited to Our selves,
Think of one paper connecting many books on shelves
Emitting positive vibes we create world healings
Because SYDA teaches God resides in Our feelings

All women & men are simply reflections of Me
The one I love or hate is in the mirror I see
Reshuffling our ego’s deck for other dealings
Because SYDA teaches God resides in Our feelings

Feelings & Thinking are like to peas in a pod
They lead the soul like Moses’ rod.
Not taking another’s joy being the Bible forbids stealings
Because SYDA teaches God resides in Our feelings

Note: My Counselor (& Pastor) at Wakulla C.I. in 2019 had me write this poem & she fell in love with it.

Thanksgiving Day

She’s perched on My heart’s limb, but she’s above
And below where the Hamsa Mantra gives thanks every moment
She’s within, without, the swan and the peace dove
Gratitude, she’s Libra’s scale that balances content.

Note: This pattern of poetry is called a “Sicilian Quatrain”

Christmas Day

A big day, a big matter,
A big shining star cause chatter,
The light shun bright in the sky
To darkness and illusion I said goodbye.

This is the season for joy and cheer
Despite cold of the winter, courage outweighs any fear,
We take birth to master ourselves, the our bodies die,
To darkness and illusion I said goodbye.

Shaktipat blessing gives seekers light,
Gurumayi has compassion on a disciple’s plight,
Conscious of Siddhahood, I cannot die,
To darkness and illusion I said goodbye.

Note: This pattern of poetry is called “Kyrielle” which I sent to a professor at the university of Wisconsin (who I heard on NPR) and the professor liked it. This was about 4 or 5 years ago.

“ ½ Empty or ½ Full “ – A Reverse Poem

Instructions: read from top to bottom, which is NEGATIVE,  then from bottom to top, which is POSITIVE.

I am a paranoid sinner and a bad guy
I refuse to believe that
I’m a child of the Most High
I realize this may be a shock, but
I’ll never give up and will forever try
Is a lie
The devil is an angel and isn’t sly
In 10 years I will tell my children that
I have my priorities straight because
is more important than
I tell you this
Once upon a time
I enjoyed my freedom in society without committing a crime
But this will not be true when I past my prime
Because, all I see is greed, hate, slime and grime
My future will be very sour like lemon and lime
I don’t conclude that
I’ll be blessed at the drop of a dime
In the future
The delusional mind will prevail
No longer can it be said that
My life story will be a wonderful tale
It will be evident that
My confused and paranoid mind will overcome God’s divine might
It is foolish to presume that
God’s eternal light forever shines extremely bright
All this will manifest unless reversed and made right.

Personal Information

Sex: Male
Race: Black
D.O.B.: 2/12/1980
Height: 6'
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Salt&Pepper
Convicted of: 3rd Degree Murder & Armed Robbery
Lenght of sentence: Life + 15 years.
Incarceration date: 3/20/2000
Current release date: N/A

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