John Adams
Peace and Chocolate

Oh the agony — of uneaten chocolate, if we fail to meet.
Because my religion is empathy and I’m funny, profound and sweet.
Hunger, tears, pain and desperate love –you’d be amazed at
what I’ve been through — even before the age of two!
I have rolled on the ground in laughter and cried into a pillow,
I have won and lost more than a few but mostly, I’m just like you.
Please open your mind, reserve your pre-judgement and forget I’m in jail.
I’ll always be sincere and considerate, you’ll love my mail.

Things I love: Snow, pets and animals, emotional novels, movies, accompanied walks, painting portraits, dancing, Yoga, martial arts, mountains, meditation, hugs and chocolate.
Things that I don’t love: humidity, politics and head games, dishonesty, lawyers and parasites, pancakes and sunburns.

Hi, I’m John! Such a rare name, right? Imagine being named after a toilet … Imagine being named after a standard prostitute client … Imagine every letter you get being a “Dear John” letter … But give my parents credit for their humorous attempt to enhance my common name by adding Quincy Adams to it. (sigh) We all have our cross to bear.

I probably hitchhiked more than 100,000 miles before I turned 16, so I’ve never really had a home, but Colorado is the home of my heart. I have slept in thousands of places, and worked many occupations, including: dancer, welder, waiter, the U.S. Navy, driver, salesman, home care, burglar, and a cowboy on stilts. If I ever get out of prison, I hope to work as a writer and mural artist.

I’ve been in prison a long time for a crime that never happened. It was really hard at first; rage and self-pity consumed me like a cancer. But we all know life isn’t fair, and spiritual growth means playing the cards life deals you without throwing temper tantrums. Okay, temper tantrums are probably inevitable but at some point you have to get over it.

Acceptance has become my dominating philosophy. I feel this tames the more ugly emotions that turns some people into chronic grouches or eternal victims.

The truth is, I’ve given up hope of redemption or a future, and though that may sound depressing, I believe it sort of empowers me. I have trained my mind to avoid memories, especially the good ones. With no focus on past or future, I can be present in the moment, one breath at a time.

I try to grow a little every day. I’ll never be perfect, but by concentrating on positive growth in a dark place, I feel like prison has molded me into a better person than I otherwise would’ve been. You just can’t grow much in a comfort zone.

I’m looking for friendships, especially friends who enjoy the act of writing and sharing their experience with living. And friends who are weird enough to appreciate my humor. Another blessing/lesson of my circumstance is that I’m the last one to pass judgement on anyone or anything. I extend friendship to those who want it, because I know that there is beauty in everyone, even if they can’t see it themselves.

“Sir, more than kisses, letters mingle souls.” – John Donne
“An enemy is a person whose story we have not heard.” – Gene Hoffman
“Everyone is blessed with good and bad qualities, and the emergence of either often depends on the help or hurt inflicted by others.” – Gandhi


Personal Information

Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian
D.O.B.: 4/4/1968
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Convicted of: Sexual Asault
Lenght of sentence: Life
Incarceration date: 10/7/1996
Current release date: N/A

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