Edwin King
A True Gem of Rarity

Greetings, much love and respect to everyone across the world.

I hope everyone’s in the best of health and I send everyone true blessings, much prosperity and empowered positivity.
I also will pray for those who’ve lost loved ones to this horrible Covid-19 pandemic. My sincere care and love goes out to you together with my respects. May they rest happy with blessed peace.
I thank you all of you who’ve taken precious time out of your day to view ad consider reading my profile. I hope every morning you wake up that you feel blessed with an encouraging smile that shines bright. Much love and respect to you all.

My name is Edwin King, but my friends and family members also call me Ed-Lova. I’m looking to empower and establish phenomenal friendships and contacts with positive, smart, intelligent, outgoing, caring, lovable, loyal, positive and incredible people, that are sincere and want to build a true friendship.

I truly believe that true friendships should be built on trust, respect, honesty, loyalty, appreciation, sincerity and dedicated attention. I also believe that a stranger is just a friend that you have not met yet. So I invite all to get to know this incredible, smart, intelligent, sincere, caring and loyal man, that has true intentions of meeting new people and building unbreakable friendships and bonds.

I’m a loyal man that has true morals and principles of a true gentleman. I’m very open-minded with a great personality that’s down-to-earth. I’ve had many hardships, trials and tribulations, many regrets, memorable experiences, and mistakes that I’ve learned from. Sometimes I wish I can go back in time when I was a young adult with no guidance and do things different. I was a typical young man that was abandoned and had to learn the lessons of how to survive amongst the fittest in these streets that we call “the concrete jungles.” But it made me the fierce, strong warrior and intelligent man that I am today.

Now I have many trades and talents because of my ability to overcome the darkness and to  become a successful man when I’m released. I love to draw and I’ve been tattooing since I was 16! I specialize in portrait and graphic artwork. I’ve learned multiple trades over the 32 years of living, such as being a barber, building things from scratch, designing and décor, business, writing poetry and music, and designing lounges. I love to read and educate myself on all topics and walks of life.

I consider myself an optimistic, enthusiastic and positive person that’s real loyal. I’m a man that loves to help and be there for others that I care for and love. As long as I see a smile on your face, I’m happy and content. I also love to cook for people, and yes my beautiful lady friends, this half Black and Puerto Rican man can cook some exquisite dishes that’ll have your taste buds running wild! LOL

I just love to make others smile and feel good no matter if I’m having a bad day. I feel like I was born to be a protector because I always protect the ones I care for and what little family I that have. I have no kids yet but sometimes wish I had at least one to give him or her the love and guidance I never had. I’ve lost so many people that I cared about throughout my 32 years of living, so I cherish the relationships and friendships I build with others. When I meet new people I value the importance of possibility and the consideration that anyone has of building a true friendship with me, to share similar passions, views, common traits and qualities. I always strive to do my best and all I can do to keep a true friendship alive.

I just love to live life to the fullest and enjoy mother nature. I love to travel, go camping, fishing, working out, and staying fit, staying active, do volunteer work, help out, build a secure foundation and hopefully find my true love that’ll be my backbone.

I’m also working on 3 projects as we speak. One is designing a lounge that will be very exquisite and exotic when released. Another is opening a mentor / big brother center for young adults going down the same wrong road I went and give them the guidance, love, and help I never had growing up, and help them become successful in life. And the third would be a tattoo / art studio. I have a lot of goals I’m dedicated to and I’m very determined to accomplish these goals as well.

Well, my future friends, there’s a quote by Charles Kemmons Wilson that I go by: “A positive mental attitude is the starting point that plays a far more important role in a person’s success or failure than mental capacity.”
Also this quote by Lord Byron: “Women are the rainbows in the storms of life.”
I also want to say to all the women who nurtured and gave us men life, that I look at women as men’s equal and pray that every man takes the time to treasure the backbone that God gave to mankind to care for. Always stay strong.

I hope to hear from you all or those who are looking to meet a true friend that has fierce loyalty. Please don’t hesitate to write, leave a message, or send an email through JPay.com or the JPay mobile app, but in either case be sure to include your address because I can only respond via regular mail.

Thank you for your consideration and time.

Personal Information

Sex: Male
Race: Black / Latino
D.O.B.: 3/10/1989
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Convicted of: Burglary of Hab. & Deadly Weapon
Lenght of sentence: 15 years
Incarceration date: 9/3/2014
Current release date: 1/25/2029

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Edwin King #01946446
1100 FM 655

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