Shawn Wuertley

To: All Readers
Fr: “Maverick”
Listening to: Five Finger Death Punch “Far From Home”
Mood: Pressing On!!

Hello! Hope this greeting finds you well. It’s probably safe to say that, like me, you are here to meet fun, loyal friends .… or just passing time browsing profiles of those trying to sell you on why ‘they’ should be your BFF above all others! 🙂 Whatever the case, hopefully you’ll find friends to smile and laugh with, to make life more enjoyable.

Friends call me Maverick. I’m an Indiana boy, upbeat, positive, loyal, honest, a good listener, and when around my nieces and nephews the most immature man on earth. They’ve been knows to talk me into sneaking goldfish out of Walmart .… in our mouths, race handicapped scooters around the store, or a trip to the florist department to inhale helium and talk to random strangers. 🙂 Be honest, who with a heart can tell a kid “no”? Ha! Just saying!

I’m probably the only guy you will meet barred from Victoria’s Secret store as well… alcohol, dares, mannequin over the shoulder, mall security in pursuit …. um… yea .… the dumbest things we do sometimes, right?

I’m here seeking friendship, not looking for romance, sex letters or drama. I’ve seen enough of that to last two lifetimes.

I love music of all kinds; I’ll listen to anything but that screaming crap. I call that “anger management music”. The singer/screamer sounds like they would benefit from extensive anger management counseling …. Just saying.

I enjoy the outdoors, riding horses, racing four-wheelers, riding my Suzuki GSXR, sailing, running, just life outdoors. I like writing, a good laugh, time with friends, just living life to the fullest. I am drug and disease free, and keep in shape by daily running on the track.

Some misjudge me because I am in prison. They soon learn that just because one is in prison doesn’t mean his soul, heart, or dreams have to be caged as well. Prison has taught me something priceless; it has taught my heart to open up, love people, trust more and live for the good.

I’m not innocent, was not framed, nor a victim of mistaken identity. Foolish, selfish choices landed me in prison. While not guilty of all convicted of, I deserved prison for what I was guilty of.

I am both a patriot and a maverick. I don’t care what’s popular or ‘in’, or what majority does anymore. I do what I know is right.

Your religion, sexuality, race, past or any of the things the world judges on is safe with me. Please just be yourself. Tell me what makes you happy in life, do you have any dreams or goals you want to fulfill? What makes you, you?

The prison here won’t permit Inmate Classified to mail me your messages to me. So please don’t waste their time by leaving a message on my page the prison won’t allow be delivered to me.

Contact me by snail mail or email me directly on my tablet through; I can send e-greetings videos, emails, photos, etc. through JPay on my tablet. It’s cheaper than snail mail postage as well.

Hoping to hear from you soon. If I don’t, I still wish you a safe, happy, successful life out there. You take care now!

“Maverick” – Shawn

Personal Information

Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian
D.O.B.: 5/8/1978
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Convicted of: Agg. Battery & False Imprisonment
Lenght of sentence: 35 years
Incarceration date: 3/17/2008
Current release date: 2036

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