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Shawn Wuertley

Hello there!
Like me you're probably here because the Psychic Friends Network said true happiness could be found here. Smile!

I'm here to make friends, pass time and help others by listening to them vent. I'm on a 23.5 hours a day solitary confinement lockdown unit for a few years. This cage can be frustrating. I'm hoping writing will distract my mind. I'm open to all correspondence. Where you're from, sexual preference, weight, race, religion, or past is irrelevant. You can be you without judgment.

Fun Facts: I'm a positive thinker believing a positive can be found in any situation if one searches for it. I'm originally from Indiana. I helped build the Lucas Oil Stadium for the Indianapolis Colts. I'm a bit country and city wrapped in one package. I love bonfires, music, and many outdoor activities. I enjoy spending nights alone on the beach listening to the waves and thinking. I love riding sports bikes, reading, cooking, can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue, and am forever barred from Victoria's Secret for... long story. I stole one of their mannequins for an army buddy's wedding. Alcohol was involved, security... yea, you get the point.

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I live healthy. I don't smoke or use. Prior to solitary I ran five miles every morning. I love to run. I enjoy music but can't stand that screaming crap! I call that "anger management music", as the screams sound like anger management counseling would be beneficial. Just saying!

Friends say I'm loyal, a good listener, and beyond entertaining. If you're my friend, you're family. Too many today use the word "friend" too loosely. Many are clueless to what a true friend is. That's sad. I enjoy clowning around but can also be serious. I spend my time learning about life and changing characteristics in me I don't like.

I'm not an innocent man. I was not railroaded or framed. Young, foolish choices landed me in prison. While not guilty of all charges, I'm guilty of enough to warrant prison.

This experience has a positive ending. It helped me find myself. It's nice when one can love who they are. Bruises, scars, mistakes and imperfections; when you can love yourself past that, then you're really doing something right.

I'm known for sticking up for the underdog, regardless of consequences, a sucker for puppies, and sneaking goldfish out of Wal-Mart with my nieces and nephews... in our mouths. I had a great aquarium! Note: we also raced handicapped scooters through the store. Never a boring moment with uncle Shawn!

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I just live life to the fullest! Life's too short to always be serious, angry, or stressed. It's like that Nickelback song "If today was you last day." Never know when your time is up, so I choose to love, laugh and live! To hell with what people may think, so long as you're wearing a smile and no one gets hurt, that's living life not simply existing in it.

I'd love to hear from you. If I don't I still wish you the best of success and happiness! You take care and be safe out there.
Shawn - "Maverick"

P.S. The prison doesn't always allow e-mails from Inmate Classified in. Write or type personally from an actual address. If concerned what others may think of you writing a prisoner, get a P.O.Box. They're cheap, discrete, and secretive. Everyone loves to have at least one secret in life. Smile!

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Personal Information
SEX: Male RACE: Caucasian
D.O.B.: 5/8/1978
HEIGHT: 5'8" WEIGHT: 175 lbs.
CONVICTED OF: Agg. Battery, False Imprisonment



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