Ryan Hadley
This can only get better.

Here’s a great and ambitious guy looking to get to know you and if we vibe build a friendship. Let’s talk about likes, dislikes, our experiences, dreams, and squeeze some good laughs in. Your letters will bring a smile to my face and I hope to do the same for you.

I’ve been incarcerated for 19 years and I’m getting closer to release. I put myself in prison by living a lifestyle of fast money, guns, and drugs. All of this time has opened my eyes and I’ve taken many steps to prepare myself for release. My goal beyond release is to one day own property and open a business on it. I’ve had to teach myself many things, not just because I’m in prison but to get something out of this so I can make it in society.

Which leads me to you. If you’re trying to get to know a guy for who he is and what he wants to do in life, possibly with you, then you have to try me out. I’m exciting, curious to figure things out, which leads me to being open-minded and passionate. I enjoy football, news, history, and want to travel. There’s plenty I’ve not done. I value friendship but it has to be reciprocal.

People are quick to judge me for my past crimes, but I’m trying to move forward and meet new people to give my life a second chance. I know what it’s like to be forgotten and ignored, so you’ll always get my undivided attention. Share your world with me. What do you do for a living? Are you an adventurer or an “in the moment” person? I’d like to know so write me and ask anything.
A friend in waiting, Ryan.

P.S. I cannot receive email or messages so don’t use the message box below. I can only receive letters; please write me directly!

Personal Information

Sex: Male
Race: Mexican/White
D.O.B.: 1/19/1977
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Convicted of: Murder with weapon enhancement.
Lenght of sentence: 23
Incarceration date: 5/16/1998
Current release date: 5/26/2021

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Ryan Hadley #63358
ELOY, AZ 85131

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