Roland Valle

The Texas Department of Criminal InJustice
A systematical machine that’s programmed to provoke, intimidate, irritate and deceive, piercing the inner private sanctum of our minds. It seeks to destroy all that it finds while the idealists stand idle watching as their precious dreams dangle from the remnant strings of their fading hopes. Their weak minds begin to corrode, exploding in rage like a thousand dogs cage, and although this is just the first dehumanized stage, who could ever come to understand “The Undercover Systematic Operational Plan, we convicts call it, The Depletion of a Man”.

Shoved and crammed in tiny little cages, the system wages its psychological war against our sanity, stripping us of our humanity, leaving us far behind with only our self-righteous vanity. It’s what keeps us striving, it’s what keeps us fighting day and night against the oppressive schemes of this systematical machine that thrives on our pain and suffering. It keeps us wandering like lost souls, it injects our minds with ice-cold thoughts, it fills our hearts with hate, and predominantly controls our fate. But late at night, as I stare out of my window I can hear the wind blow whispering echoes… “stand strong no matter how long, be bold don’t fold, only weak minds corrode.”

Everyone knows that education, vocation, and rehabilitation within the Texas Department of Criminal InJustice are all parts of a falsified systematical scheme, and just like parole it isn’t anything more than just a dream rolling merrily, merrily, merrily gently down a stream into the bottom of a sewer pipe, and living life within this penitentiary has become more vicious than a dogfight! It’s a shame that we all have lost our sense of compassion, and it’s no wonder why these monsters keep on hatching from deep within our decomposing souls. These monsters blossom like a primrose with thoughts darker than our shadows, only the headstrong can withstand the test of time and only the weak are lost with themselves to find.

It’s a never-ending story, and old cliché as some people say that most lose their face in the masquerade of their madness, burying themselves alive in the grave of their sadness, and just like a game of charades it has become hard to communicate with one another because behind these stone walls silence falls under “The Codes of Trust No Man”. So alone I stand behind the strong shields of my defiance that has become my absolute reliance toward my self-preservation but I can feel my patience wasting away day by day, and can hear the tick of a bomb ticking away. But late at night, as I stare out of my window, I can still hear the wind blow, whispering echoes… “stand strong no matter how long, be bold don’t fold, only weak minds corrode.”

Within this systematical machine that we call a prison is a world of its own built out of iron and stone, with no way out and no way home. We are all stuck in time trying to find the golden key in unlocking our twisted minds setting it free. This prison is a place filled with evil plots and schemes, painful screams and shattered dreams, locks and chains with growing pains, hurt and hate with old habits hard to break. I take nothing for granted and all these wicked seeded thoughts within my head this system has planted, watered with my own tears, these fears won’t stop growing, these tantrums I won’t stop throwing.

These government officials sit silent knowing of all the official oppression never wanting to address the situation always excluding themselves from the equation, but it’s reputed Texas leads the nation with the most incarceration, executions and now exonerations, so you can save your assumption this miscarriage of justice begins with the political corruption. It’s all in retribution as these judges sit on the bench like kings and queens pulling on the strings of this systematical machine ending the American dreams of a peasant the system identifies them as defendant who are automatically guilty until proven innocent.

How malignant, this is a mockery of a wanna be democracy that’s full of hypocrisy. Democrats and Republicans are no different than houligans. There is no more trust in Lady Justice as the politicians and lawmakers enslaved her into a ring of prostitution, breaking every principle of our constitution. But I have a solution, a Revolution by “we the people” who are tired of standing at the bottom of the totem pole, so let the truth be told, the power we behold. But late at night, as I stare out of my window, I can still hear the wind blow, whispering echoes… “stand strong no matter how long, be bold don’t fold, only weak minds corrode.”

I sincerely hope that you have gained something more than just a casual perspective of my plight, and of the fight that I have fought so relentlessly. It is a fight for some things as simple as serenity, and as long as this system incorporates its methods to degenerate the masses our two worlds will continue to clash. But please don’t make any mistake about it, this is only a brief description of a fragmentary component comprised of modern day industrial slavery, monopoly and more that stretches far beyond the realm of comprehension, and if I should ever dare to mention the entire scope of this multi-billion-dollar scheme that I have learned in the 20-plus years of my incarceration, I would shock the conscience of your inquiring mind.
By Roland Valle

Mirror, mirror…
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful, intelligent, seductive, daring, mystical woman to ever fall from the heavens above upon this great Earth, reflect to me God’s beautiful curse. Show me this woman whose beauty provokes sin, a woman who’s capable of making me smile, cry and dream again. Reveal to me this angel who inspires the dirtiest of my heart’s desire, dissolve if you will my curiosity by revealing her divine majesty, conjure if you will her angelic face, I’ll be satisfied even if it’s just a silhouette trace. Oh mirror on the wall, who was this mystical woman to ever fall from the heavens above? was she a symbol of God’s love? a statute of God’s trust? or a pillar of God’s grace? Oh Mirror, I command you to reveal heaven’s precious fallen face and waste no more time for I know this angel belongs to me, mine all mine, because I’ve asked God personally to send me a special friend to keep me company while I sit here alone in “The Devil’s Den”!

Behold my master, for what appears it is the most beautiful, elegant, intelligent, seductive, daring, beguile, mystical creature to ever walk the face of this Earth, God’s gift, “man’s curse”, she possesses the most beautiful radiant alluring eyes. The Gods say that “they are the windows into heaven’s paradise”, so master beware of her silent seductive stare, or she will consume you then vanish into thin air.

She has been empowered with God’s love driven persistence capable of penetrating man’s defiant resistance. She is the apple of God’s all seeing eye and the light you will see when you die. She has been labeled by the Gods “The Queen of Man’s Heart”, but make no mistake this woman can also turn cold and dark, she can cause you an everlasting pain, turn your blue skies black filled with rain and drive the strongest man insane. This angel of a woman has brought countless hearts to a dire ruin, she can bring you Heaven or Hell upon this Earth. Let’s not forget she’s God’s most beautiful curse. Therefore, my magical powers can’t depict her angelical face, not even the faintest trace. I am sorry my master for this revelation must come to an end. But, behold I have at least inscribed her precious name within. This is where your fantasy begins…
By R. Valle

Personal Information

Sex: Male
Race: Hispanic
D.O.B.: 2/25/1977
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eye Color: Drk. Brown
Hair Color: Drk. Brown
Convicted of: Agg. Assault & Kidnapping
Lenght of sentence: 30 years.
Incarceration date: 11/09/1996
Current release date: Up for parole in 2018

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