Reggie Coverson

Liberty challenged male residing in Marion, Illinois, serving out the remainder of my sentence for sales of crack cocaine with a July 28, 2020 outdate at the RDAP Unit. Residential Drug Abuse Program. I’m down here by myself, and would love to meet a friend to correspond and share occasional visits with. I’m intelligent, outgoing, straight-forward, god-fearing, down-to-earth, and open-minded.

I’m seeking a friend who’s willing to travel. Also someone with substance, vice-free, honest, and very trustworthy that I may build with. Those are the attributes that I admire the most in a person. I’m willing to write to all races, creeds, and colors, so don’t be shy, bashful, or doubtful to drop me a line. A email address is a plus so I can add you to my page.

Although my current situation may look cloudy with a few thunder showers, but there’s always sunshine at the end of the rainbow. With all this said, I would honestly prefer a career-driven ambitious person whom I can trust to share my thoughts with and who also has a sympathetic ear for me to vent in; in return I will lend my ear for the same purposes. Hopefully in the near future I will regain my liberty, and our encounter will possibly manifest into a beautiful union upon my release. Don’t hesitate any further to have your date with destiny. The reward of a deed well done is to have done it.

I’m looking for understanding without judgement. I only have (5) five free responses with the services, so if it will not be a burden please forward all my replies directly to me on my page or by regular mail.

Yours Truly,
Reggie C.

Personal Information

Sex: Male
Race: African American
D.O.B.: 2/12/1971
Height: 6'
Weight: 215 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Red
Convicted of: Sales of Crack Cocaine
Lenght of sentence: 14 years.
Incarceration date: 5/29/2004
Current release date: 7/28/2020

Please write to:
Reggie Coverson #06979-027
PO BOX 1000
MARION, IL 62959

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