Nhin Chhay

Hey future friend, how are you doing? Has it been a positive day so far? I appreciate you taking the time to check out my profile.

A little about myself; I was born in Cambodia and arrived in the states in the late 80’s. I love camping and being outdoors; stars in the sky entice me to breath in the fresh night atmosphere. In here, when we do have yard time at night, I’m mesmerized by the dark lit skies that bring heartfelt memories of the camping trips I used to take. I was a cabinetmaker for almost 10 years so I do have good taste for a splendid kitchen. At my age, I still enjoy exercising and participating in sports like basketball, soccer and softball.

I would describe myself as an open-minded, open-hearted individual, so whatever you want to converse about, whatever your interest is, I’m down for it. I would be glad to open my heart and share my journey of life with you, maybe ascertain what we have in common. So what is your passion and what do you strive for in life? As for me, incrementally becoming a better person each and every day and staying connected with my loved ones are two essential elements to what I passionately strive for. What comes from the heart is the first asset that interests me about an individual; the rest comes after that. I hope we can become authentic friends.

You can write me directly at the address below, or leave a message, but better yet set up an account at JPay.com so we can exchange emails, photos, and video visits. Take care and hope to hear from you.

Personal Information

Sex: Male
Race: Asian / Cambodian
D.O.B.: 3/12/1971
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 170 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Convicted of: Murder
Lenght of sentence: 28 years
Incarceration date: 1/2000
Current release date: 12/2028

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Nhin Chhay #831597
S.C.C.C. / H-4-A-96-L

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