Ken Crawford
From Convict to Friend

4 da mature audience only, while doing time online!

Hello, and welcome into the mind of the G’sta!
I am the most eligible incarcerated bachelor! In order 2 qualify for the “Let’s make this official rose” that I have 4 U, you must prove willing 2 win in the competition of this game.

(1)       Unswerving truthfully a series of intimate questions about yourself designed 2 offer info as 2 just what degree one’s royal beauty mixed with their divine loyalty extends 2 be a mother Earth goddess/queen!!!
(2)       To determine out of all the messages received, who’s the most worthy vehicle to act as the arms, legs, limbs, and body 2 my G’sta mind?
(3)       To ascertain via this “art of seduction” technique who’s most capable of engaging my G’sta mind in erotic mental stimulation?
(4)       Can you reciprocate the ”fantasy feeding” technique?
(5)       Are you uninhibited and open 2 explore the uncharted hidden dimensions of your own femi-9 powers?

(1)       To become fitted 2 wear the coveted crown of the social media popularity contest winner! “Queen Of Da Convict’s Heart”. (Most likely 2 harbor tru thug love 4 a G’sta!!!)
(2)       To become inclined 2 learn completely da full definition of her 7 P’s. (Proper, preparation, prevents, piss, poor, performance from procrastination.)
(3)       What emojis best describe your mood from day 2 day?
(4)       What social media platforms do you post @?
(5)       I once blasted this fool 4 staring @ my girl’s ass 2 long. Have u ever resorted 2 and act of violence 2 protect your man?
(6)       If asked “would u say u have a lil gangsta blood in u”, would you answer be “that’s how I roll”?
(7)       Are you addicted 2 taking selfies? How many would you say yuv accumulated?
(8)       I just love females with ink! Are u tacked up, sleeved up? How many tattoos / piercings do u have?
(9)       Which place would u work @ 2 help pay 4 yur tuitions? The Bunny Ranch, The Mustang Ranch, the old school Playboy Mansion, neither.

I am the insidious character ‘Carlos’ in my mother’s (2011) published urban novel “I’m Baby Girl And This Is My Story” by Tweetie Bond, available @ Barnes-N-Noble , and also (the urban movie in production) I personally wrote chapter 8 “Carlos”. In addition stay tuned for the (2020) upcoming debut of my own personal urban novel “BG’s Baby Boy – Where U From Fool” written by me as a sequel 2 her book.

I am a student of Carl Jung psychology (The Akashic Records / Archetypes), Edgar Cayce (The Collective Unconscious), Ken Wilber (Enneagrams – Horizontal Typologies / Spiral Dynamics – Vertical Typologies – Integral Psychology), David Icke (The Biggest Secret / Children of the Matrix).

If you are one who’s quite capable of separating what’s real from unreal in the frivolous  games that prison playaz play with a woman’s heart in correspondence, then I strongly urge u 2 download this ebook 2 get 2 know me better by reading the dysfunctional legacy of my family’s true to life story!

I am seeking 2 establish a divine mental / spiritual connection with a serious minded esoteric type! (whether Wiccan, Goth, W.A.S.P., Rosicrucian, Eastern Star, or New Age Mystics) Submissive obedience only! Absolutely no games desired! Race / age unimportant! I believe it is a woman’s divine nature 2 desire 2 nurture her man, as it is a man’s most profound duty 2 uplift he precious being each and every day! (in the form and generative energy force of Yomi and the Lingam) If you can relate 2 this process of having centered your energy, and you agree with my assessment of how a relationship with an incarcerated man should be pursued, then I  leave you with this divine invitation 2 come explore with me the “forbidden fruits of our opposites that attract” so severely in the magical universe! From where comes thou? Traveling to-n-fo and up-n-down in the earth? Path working as thy cat’s paw? As above – so below!

I’m looking 4 that “ride-a-die” just wayyy boss chick that I can teach the [business] game 2, for her mind is like an open canvas in which 4 me to paint (mold) into a magnificent masterpiece, like that of Picasso,  Rembrandt, or Van Gogh! If yur feeling my swag and u wanna turn it up with a G’sta like me, then get back @ me and let’s get lit! Come get this boss game that I have 4 u in abundance!

After reading this, it u feel drawn by the vibrational pulls of my energy, and you desire 2 make my contact, then come tap in on my tablet and email me directly through website or mobile phone app: enter D55689 Ken Crawford. Be sure to send pics or 30 sec videograms just 2 say hello. J  Would love to see the lovely face behind your words. Will respond to JPay messages only!!!

In closing, please tell me, in addition 2 answering all of my nosey questions of you, who are u? What’s yur likes and dislikes in the man you’ve chosen 2 become the one most worthy of your praise? What are your greatest aspirations in life? What do you think about love? What was it about my profile that compelled you 2 click on?

Personal Information

Sex: Male
Race: Black
D.O.B.: 9/8/1966
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Bald
Convicted of: Murder
Lenght of sentence: Life
Incarceration date: 7/21/1994
Current release date: N/A

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Ken Crawford D55689
PO BIOX 5242

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