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"WHAT IF..."

James Young

“What if” you could find exactly what you wanted to find in one place, all in one man? “What if” he made you smile on the inside at just the simple thought of him? “What if” you could tell from the very beginning, your search was over? Would you be willing to share who you are with that someone because you would finally be accepted for who you are? Good things still happen to good people. And just think… “What if?”

Well, I believe I am that person because I’m open-hearted, educated, understanding and a very good listener. These qualities make me one of the best friends one could have, and hopefully by reading this, you are sewing seeds to the greatest treasure in life, “friendship”.

At one time in my life I thought I had it all because I had money. My outward prosperity afforded me everything a man could ask for. The cars, clothes, jewelry, etc. My company of “friends” was never ending, Some days I was so busy I even forgot to sleep. But now that I’m in prison it’s like that era in my life was never really there. My never ending list of “friends” has been gone since the day I lost my trial.

Nothing has been the same since that day. Me, or anything else I once knew. Yet, my desire to live and maintain all my good characteristics is as strong as ever. Thus, I ask you – “Will you take a chance to get to know me? Can you be open to who I really am without casting stones of judgment about my past?” All I can say is that I think you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find. Not all of us here are what we are made out to be. You can ask me whatever you want; I have nothing to hide.

My interests are quiet walks on the beach (I’m from Florida), jogging, travel, a good workout, and I play the guitar a little. Horses, museums, plays and good conversation create an unparalleled peace for me. I only lack that special someone being in my life to share whatever this life may offer from this point on.

I would love to meet the woman of my dreams (professional, kind, funny), but finding an incredible friend will do just fine. Race (unimportant), religion, or background is only formality. Everyone has their own unique qualities and a desire to share them. You write and I’ll respond the day your letter arrives. We’ll let time create our bonding. I can promise getting to know me won’t be a disappointment! Maybe even you could use a good friend. I, therefore, leave you with one final question to ask yourself – “What if?”

Sincerely, (offer me a chance)

P.S. Please send photos when you write, I love pictures! If you e-mail me, send your name, the name of your city, and zip code. I need this info. to return your message. You can also send a P.O. Box, or cell phone number for me to respond to. I'll be waiting! Thanks for these given moments!

Please write to:
JAMES YOUNG #10205-017
PO BOX 1032
COLEMAN, FL. 33521


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Personal Information
SEX: Male RACE: Black & Hispanic
D.O.B.: 10/26/1978
HEIGHT: 5'7" WEIGHT: 182 lbs.
CONVICTED OF: Possession of firearm



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