Eric Torres

I have a 300-word limit for my intro and I honestly don’t even know where to start. So… in a nutshell: my name is Ric; I’m originally from Northern California (San Francisco/Bay area), but I’d been living in Houston, Texas, a few years prior to my incarceration.

Out there, I love traveling, music (Salsa, Rap, Hip-Hop, Rock), art (Classic and Contemporary), reading (everything from Nietzsche to C.S. Lewis), working out, and/or just hanging out with family and friends. My official job/career/passion is tattooing and airbrushing (see pics).

In here, I spend most of my time focused on my academic and personal studies, as well as my spiritual growth. Although life can be difficult at times, I thank God every day for all His blessings and for refining me into the person that I am today. Despite my current circumstances, I always find myself laughing, joking, and playing around with others. Here’s one of my favorite jokes:

A man walks into a psychiatric clinic, naked, and wrapped in Saran Wrap.
The doctor takes on look at him and says,
“I can clearly see your nuts!”

I believe a good sense of humor reflects a person’s heart and how they deal with adverse situations in this unpredictable world. My mantra is, “Humility attracts – Pretentiousness repels” (in all areas of life).

I’m looking to meet people who can share some positive thoughts and/or experiences with me… or, just put a smile on my face. ☺ I’m bilingual (English/Spanish), so I’m comfortable writing in either language. Unfortunately, due to institutional restrictions, I am unable to send out text messages or emails (directly). My only means of communication are conventional “Snail Mail” letters and phone calls (after registering the recipient’s number).

Okay, I’m running out of space so this will be all for now. Take care and I hope to hear from you soon… Ciao!

Personal Information

Sex: Male
Race: Hispanic
D.O.B.: 11/19/1979
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 205 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Convicted of: Possession with intent to distribute.
Lenght of sentence: 10 years.
Incarceration date: 4/15/2013
Current release date: 10/2018

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Eric Torres #650151
HONDO, TX 78861

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