Demicko Thomas
Heart Spoken Words From: Meek, Meek.

Action, Abundant Life, Adaptability, Ambition, Appreciation, Authenticity, Beautiful, Belief, Blessings, Bold, Caring, Challenges, Character, Collective-Responsibility, Confidence, Commitment, Considerate, Constructive, Courage, Courteous, Decency, Dependable, Determination, Drive, Empathy, Enthusiasm, Faith, Family, Forgiveness, Forward Thinking, Giving Back, GOD, Grace, Grateful, Gratitude, Happiness, Honesty, Honor, Humility, Inner-Peace, Integrity, Intellect, JESUS CHRIST, Joy, Kind, Learning, Love, Loyalty, Mindfulness, Motivation, Non-Confrontational, Non-Judgmental, Ownership, Passion, Peace of Mind, Prayer, Realism, Repentance, Respect, Sacrifice, Selflessness, Success, Teamwork, Thankfulness, Trust, Understanding, Unity, Vision, Wellness, Will, Wisdom ………

Hello my name is Demicko (Meek, Meek) for short. I believe in the power of words, as these solitary words speak more than any lengthy spill. With that being said, I strive each and every day to live a life exemplary of such solitary words, and although throughout life I’ve fallen short of doing so, let me just say: GOD is good. 🙂

As there are so many people throughout the course of my life to whom I owe my gratitude, but none more than GOD, and his Son JESUS CHRIST. In all honesty, I’ve posted heart spoken words on this site throughout the course of maintaining a profile, resulting in meeting a plethora of people throughout the world, whom I’ve been grateful to meet. But more so, I pray of the words and thoughts shared were spoken in season and were the words and thoughts GOD wanted me to impart into their lives, at that moment in time, as I’m nothing without GOD.

With that being said, know, I’ve also experienced times in my life without anyone to REALLY talk to; spend time with; share my kind, caring, loving, heart spoken words with; NO REAL FRIENDS, just acquaintances and family I speak with on occasion, often asking myself, “why am I alone?” “does everyone experience a sense of loneliness at some point in time of their life?” I subsequently came to realize that it isn’t being incarcerated that brought about the feeling of loneliness. As the world is filled with people who aren’t incarcerated serving a sentence of loneliness, or in a relationship filled with deceit, betrayal, chaos, drama, unhappiness, lies, disloyalty, lack of communication, affection, love, attentiveness to your needs, wants and desires, or who have chosen to be alone by choice.

If you are, as I am, feeling a sense of loneliness and need a spark, a boost of energy, inspiration, motivation and a receptive person to chat with, now may be the time to have some faith and extend your hello’s, by way of writing me directly or by directly texting me by way of

Thank you again for taking the time to read my heart spoken words, conveying my faith and trust in GOD. 🙂 And whatever you may be faced with, be encouraged, be strong, be bold, be courageous, be grateful, be blessed, and always remember: If GOD is for you, who can be against you? NOBODY:-!!!!!

Personal Information

Sex: Male
Race: African American
D.O.B.: 8/24/1973
Height: 6'
Weight: 229 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Convicted of: Assault
Lenght of sentence: 18 years
Incarceration date: 2005
Current release date: 2020

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Demicko Thomas #991403
A.H.C.C. / N-A-47-L
PO BOX 2049

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