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Demicko Thomas

Hello, my name is Demicko (meek, meek) for short. I'm a humble man with a heart made to appreciate, respect and love a strong woman who is honest and upfront regardless of what she may or may not have been through, or going through in life.

In my being upfront and honest with you, I'm not ashamed to share with you an experience I had with a woman I met, who had been in a troubled relationship with a guy for seven years. After learning what she had been through I felt compassion for her, and wanted to help her get back to feeling good about life, so I spent a considerable amount of time getting in tune with her thoughts, feelings and emotions. Praying with her, encouraging her, motivating her, and supporting her - simply wanting to be a friend. As our friendship developed over the years, we grew fond of one another, and I wanted nothing more than to see her happy for the rest of her life, with or without me. It was truly a wonderful feeling, extending my unconditional love to her as she worked toward overcoming a horrible period in her life.

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It all seemed right; it felt right; and I truly believed it was right. So I continued to invest in her well being, trusting her with my heart, emotions, and unconditional love, never thinking - what if???? I guess when you care for someone it's easy to put their happiness first and foremost in your life, overlooking the what if's!!!

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Two plus years into our relationship it was apparent that the time, energy, and effort I put toward her emotional stability, happiness, and well being had re-energized her. However, I had no idea I was creating a monster, that would eventually betray me with acts of disloyalty, deceit, and lies. As her confidence and self-esteem had been restored she became more and more sneaky, concealing her sleeping around and other selfish acts of disloyalty. Sensing something was going on, during a phone conversation I asked her: "What's going on with you?" She replied: "It's complicated." So I asked: "Are you doing what I think you're doing?" She reluctantly confessed that she had been seeing someone else for quite awhile. So I asked: "Do you think it would had been a good idea to tell me about that sometime ago?" She replied: "It's complicated, but I don't want him - I want you!"

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Like a fool emotionally invested and blinded by love, despite feeling betrayed, I forgave her. Stomaching my frustration and sadness I stuck with her, not wanting to give up on her. Why did I do that, as nothing changed, and her sexual cravings, deceit, and lies - in short destroyed our relationship and love for one another we shared for many years. Her actions becoming so emotionally exhausting, I respectfully told her: "I'm cool, take care and good luck in your new relationship."

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Yea, I got played, but I won't allow a bad experience to led me to assume that all women play games, as there are plenty women throughout the world who carry themselves with pride, intelligence, grace, respect, integrity and class; who are good mothers to their children or who'll one day be good mothers upon having children; who are good friends, people and business women, but most of all loyal when in a relationship. So whether from within here or upon my returning to society, I'm committed and determined to search the world for the "ONE" woman whom I can love, cherish, honor, protect and share life with, giving her the best of me and receiving the best of her.

Obviously, not knowing what type of man you're looking to introduce yourself to, with there being plenty of men on this site of different ethnicities, ages, weights, heights, and photographic portfolios, each sharing something different or similar, I encourage you to carefully read each ad to get a sense whether the person's ad you're reading is being sincere, upfront and honest, as words spoken from the heart, should reach the heart.

If my heart's spoken words reached your heart I'd like to hear from you. But please remain mindful this is not a social media site where you can send me a text message and I reply within seconds. So if you send me a message through this website provide your address or phone number or text me a message through Or you can call (206) 790-7543 and leave a message on my family's answering machine; that will be provided to me on Fridays.


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Go Hawks!!!!!

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A.H.C.C. / N-A-47-L
PO BOX 2049
AIRWAY HEIGHTS, WA. 99001-2049


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Personal Information
SEX: Male RACE: African American
D.O.B.: 8/24/1973
HEIGHT: 6' WEIGHT: 235 lbs.
EYE COLOR: Brown HAIR COLOR: Silky Black



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