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David Becerril

Hello World!
Allow me to open with the utmost respect and care for all you beautiful women, both inside and out, for taking the time to read and understand where I'm coming from. Here's a brief introduction to put a voice to a picture in hopes that you like what you see, hear and feel, and decide to write and learn more.

This pen pal web site was a gift to me from my family, because of my love for writing, as well as liking, enjoying and appreciating meeting new and different people, and they thought I could or would get that chance or opportunity to do both with this ad.

I was born in Fajardo, Puerto Rico but grew up in the States; Texas, but Houston to be more specific or exact. I'm a city boy at heart but that island, Puerto Rico, is my soul. I represent both to the fullest. (Really check out the picture I put up of my flag with my city skyline in it.) I talk, read and write both in English and Spanish fluently. I'm loyal to my Salsa, Bachata and Reggaeton music. But I'm from the Lone Star State where Screw is a must!

I have a college education, my major being Business Management (Degree). I consider myself book smart as well as streetwise. Real recognizes real, as game recognizes game.

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I've been on lock or doing time for a minute now, but even with that said I'm still really lucky and truly blessed, because even though I've been in prison I've still been able to live, grow, change and better myself. I'm just trying to pay my dues and make all my wrongs in life right. Life is about lessons and experiences, and what separates and defines us from each other is what we do with those lessons and experiences. I'm at a good spot or place in my life. I come from a good family, a strong family, a close family. My family has stayed down, kept it real and been true this whole bid, and in truth been doing this time with me, day for day, since day one. They're my strength and weakness in one. I really can't wait to close this chapter of my life and truly look forward to the future and what it holds for me.

I am a man of patience, understanding and respect. I feel one must have all three in order to build, maintain and hold any type or kind of real relationship, whether it be on a friendship level or on a more personal, intimate level. Both need balance.

I write this ad with no hopes or expectations. I'm just looking or searching for a blazin lady friend, someone to write and get to know in or through letters and see where our letters take us. It is what is it... right?

No doubt I know realize and understand that this may be hard or difficult for someone to write to someone that they don't know or haven't actually met beforehand. The thought of pain, the fear of being let down or disappointed... Chill... calm down and relax, it ain't that serious.

There are no limits or boundaries that cannot be crossed, only what is agreed. When two become one, with vows of patience, understanding and respect, both myst be willing to sacrifice a moment of time, self and soul with an open mind and open heart.

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I want you to know this: color means nothing to me. I look within a person. Personality and character say a lot about a person. Looks are only skin deep and can deceive, and age is but a number. If you consider yourself a woman and act like a lady I'm interested already.

Remember that the point of all this is to have fun with it, nothing more and nothing less. Only a letter separates us...

Please write to:
3872 FM 350 SOUTH


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Personal Information
SEX: Male RACE: Puertorican
D.O.B.: 1/13/1977
HEIGHT: 5'8" WEIGHT: 185 lbs.
CONVICTED OF: Agg. Robbery/Kidnapping
CURRENT RELEASE DATE: Up for Parole now.



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