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Cornealius Brown

Not exactly what I appear to be, certainly not what you're used to, and probably way above and beyond the style of individual you would expect to meet on this type of platform. A really cool and knowledgeable individual who is ambitious, complex, intelligent, very understanding, abstract and creative, and pretty much the ideal male friend for the woman who needs a breath of fresh air.

Business degree earned since I've been here, and I have some quite feasible and lucrative plans to put into action once this federal vacation is over. I was a pretty decent guy before prison, but still I've used this time to reassess my actions, improve upon who I am, and elevate myself to an entirely different level. So no, I haven't spent all my time working out and watching reruns of Love and Hip Hop. LOL

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Beauty and Brains are two inherent qualities which make most any story more interesting; therefore, I see absolutely nothing wrong with seeking those same qualities in a friend. Not with drama, dishonesty, nor bs; I wont bring either into your life, and I can't entertain either in my arena. As for age, it's merely a number, but I'm not interested in dealing with selfishness and/or immaturity from any individual at any age. Though not perfect myself, (a tad bit arrogant, probably still a bad boy deep down, and for some odd reason I've never been able to remember to lower the toilet, I still make a damn good friend; you must be willing and able to be the same in return.

Leave me a message, but please be aware that we're mailed them only once per week, so it may take a week or so before I'm able to respond, (likely via your e-mail unless you leave an alternate means of contact). In fact, do leave an alternate means of contact because our "Corrlinks" invites don't always pop up in the correct e-mail boxes when it comes to certain service providers. For quicker response, you can hit me up snail mail at the address below; that way you can also send me a pic with your introduction.

Well, that was your invitation to step outside the conventional and into a social experience where you'll likely gain a valuable, worthy, and unbelievably genuine friend. Take a chance on something new for a change; I mean, why keep doing the same old thing if you're getting the same old results? I've heard that the best smiles are found in some of the most unlikely places, so use this opportunity to be adventurous and who knows just how much fun you could have testing that theory. :-)) Hope you like the art; and you can find more pies on my FB @ "Grant Brown". Do enjoy your day, God bless, and try to remember that procrastination is the enemy of progress and prosperity. Hit me up, and hope you enjoy/enjoyed the holidays.

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... A little playlist for your down time ...
(just something to make your day better)

"Now You Got Someone" ... Avant
"Love You Better" & "Teach Me" ... Keith Sweat
"Ah Yeah" ... August Alsina
"Rivals" ... Usher & Future
"Grass Aint Greener" ... Chris Brown
"Favorite" ... Nicki Minaj & Jeremih
"Time For That" ... Kevin Gates
"Sweet Tooth" ... R.Kelly
"One More Mile To Go" ... Jadakiss (a peek into my mindstate at the moment)

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Personal Information
SEX: Male RACE: Black
D.O.B.: 8/19/1971
HEIGHT: 6' WEIGHT: 190 lbs.
CONVICTED OF: Possesion w/intend to distribute Cocaine + firearm violation



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