Charles Deese
Qualities That You Desire

Hi there! Are you tired of guys with hidden agendas lacking honesty, sincerity and respect? In the harsh realities of life, there are going to be people like that; a few bad apples can spoil it for the rest.

I’m confident, spontaneous and open-minded. I love to laugh and have fun in life. Some of my favorite movies are “Friday” and “The shack”. Honest, intelligent, a sense of humor, good listener, great manner and most of all I like to remember special occasions, are some of the traits that define who I am.

Well, I promise to lavish you with attention, affection and appreciation! To always lend that listening ear… deliver a prompt reply to all your letters.

I’m searching for a meaningful and lasting friendship that may lead to something more. If you want a faithful man that is committed to building a companionship based on harmony and trust, don’t hesitate to send me a message. By the way, I do have access to email.

Personal Information

Sex: Male
Race: American Indian
D.O.B.: 1975
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Bald
Convicted of: Drugs & Guns
Lenght of sentence: 24 years
Incarceration date: 6/19/2010
Current release date: 3/7/2031

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Charles Deese #54108-056
PO BOX 725

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